Try Not to Laugh (GTA V MEME EDITION)


New song with Anne Marie & DFA -


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    3:52 just becuase she chews with her mouth open. i hate her with my soul

  • big pp gamer
    big pp gamerTime siden

    7:40 voice crack

  • 么feararcc
    么feararcc4 timer siden


  • Killua Entoma
    Killua Entoma7 timer siden

    like simping over 2d anime characters is weird but not weirder than a guy having a sexual with a car 12:19

  • Tyler Katrinak
    Tyler Katrinak9 timer siden

    Can you do try not to laugh nba edition? Or did you already do that?

  • Mawadda Amin
    Mawadda Amin9 timer siden

    0:20 AYYYOOOO

  • _ ITZJAY_
    _ ITZJAY_12 timer siden

    Ksi at the start of the video: I'm not gonna laugh. Second clip: ksi: AHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Malcolm MaddiXx
    Malcolm MaddiXx16 timer siden

    15:07 whats the name of that movie again?

  • leonidas.15
    leonidas.1519 timer siden

    4:04 i nearly died from these pretzels

  • Ch-Mook Dowd
    Ch-Mook Dowd19 timer siden

    wtf is behing this door? Meme Love it

  • Kushvir Pabla
    Kushvir PablaDag siden

    Is it just me or has JJ's beard actually grown a bit😅😂🤯

  • OFFicialRolex
    OFFicialRolexDag siden

    Is KSI Muslim? because he said astaghfirullah ( 4:15 )

  • Darath57 Drak

    Darath57 Drak

    21 time siden

    He is agnostic he said him self in googling myself video agnostic means he doesn’t believe in god

  • Lazy Potatoシ
    Lazy PotatoシDag siden


  • William
    WilliamDag siden

    He definitely failed this challenge

  • Benjamin Lozano
    Benjamin LozanoDag siden

    Ay yo it's vickstar123

  • Cj Richardson
    Cj RichardsonDag siden

    JJ please star in a horror movie!

  • Elijah games
    Elijah gamesDag siden


  • Tsultrim Zala
    Tsultrim ZalaDag siden


  • Sup Dude
    Sup DudeDag siden

    He sounded like squirt ward the “relax relax I’m not even black I’m aiming” 😂🤣💀

  • Anthony Orta
    Anthony OrtaDag siden

    ksi: ahh damn shit damn shit shit shit shit that dog is chasing him

  • Ilyass Chafik
    Ilyass ChafikDag siden

    14:27 didnt get it someone please explain

  • kylo ren

    kylo ren

    Dag siden

    It was literally explained

  • kylo ren

    kylo ren

    Dag siden



    I can't stop laughing


    My boy was driving about hair 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • zer0nt HQ
    zer0nt HQDag siden

    12:22 the car 🤰

  • Robert Sørø
    Robert SørøDag siden

    When are you gonna activate windows mate?

  • Red eye keeper

    Red eye keeper

    Dag siden


  • joe m
    joe m2 dager siden

    modern day picasso

    ALI DE LEON2 dager siden

    12:11 its a carsexual XDDDDDDDDDD

    ZENZIC2 dager siden

    me and the boys going out to pop a sqeak

  • Mystery_ Current
    Mystery_ Current2 dager siden

    Did this get striked

  • Jarod Layog
    Jarod Layog2 dager siden


  • yeetyboi
    yeetyboi2 dager siden

    God ksi is carphobic

  • Sleepy ash kuro -
    Sleepy ash kuro -2 dager siden

    I can’t try not to laugh with Ksi when he laughs I laugh

  • TxX AssassiNz
    TxX AssassiNz2 dager siden


  • Syth On0Ping
    Syth On0Ping2 dager siden

    The last video tho🤣🤣

  • Mr. Azs
    Mr. Azs2 dager siden

    That CarSexual tho

  • CoWboY's CUBE
    CoWboY's CUBE2 dager siden


  • Ashツ
    Ashツ2 dager siden

    4:54 LMAO

  • terror
    terror2 dager siden

    Hell jj ola tun ji

  • Massanti Müller
    Massanti Müller2 dager siden

    JJ holding the pineapple he just cut " *IT'S AN APPLE* "

  • 21 Watermalones
    21 Watermalones3 dager siden

    alternate title: KSI watches Lamar roasts Franklin memes for 3 miuntes ... He also does a Try Not To Laugh Challenge

  • 21 Watermalones
    21 Watermalones3 dager siden

    4:03 K stands for knowledge

  • Craig Whelan
    Craig Whelan3 dager siden

    It an Apple is like saying deji content is good

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf3 dager siden

    3:17 song name plzz

  • The Abhinav 25
    The Abhinav 253 dager siden

    Please someone tell me the name of that horror movie at 17:00

  • Jay Howe
    Jay Howe3 dager siden

    Can’t believe he missed the pregananant clip

  • Steven croucher Speaking
    Steven croucher Speaking3 dager siden

    If you hit him he would destroy you !

  • Blair Ogden
    Blair Ogden3 dager siden

    Jj is so funny and has so many funny videos

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan3 dager siden

    NOlocal is getting real comfortable with them 20 second ads you can’t skip

  • Umar Khan

    Umar Khan

    Dag siden

    @marwan haddad well it’s randomly generated ad times, some times you get long ones, and some times you get short ones. I’ve just noticed that I’ve been getting a load of long adds recently

  • marwan haddad

    marwan haddad

    Dag siden

    well i got ads that dont have time to skip it, u can skip instantly

  • Harrison Ochoa
    Harrison Ochoa3 dager siden

    You suck gooo Jake!

  • just a guy a normal guy
    just a guy a normal guy3 dager siden

    it's a peh

  • Ugly Dude
    Ugly Dude3 dager siden

    He said it with the hard R 😂

  • onesmolmonke
    onesmolmonke3 dager siden


  • onesmolmonke


    3 dager siden

    it was not an apple

  • Andrew Batiz
    Andrew Batiz3 dager siden

    caw caw caw is all i hear when you laugh lol

  • dying light gamer
    dying light gamer3 dager siden

    5:02 He used to say the dog's owner helped me !! Like an idiot🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hercegovac
    Hercegovac4 dager siden

    4:05 Its an Apple.. "hears him self" fuck

  • nicolas walser
    nicolas walser4 dager siden

    That ksi horror movie tho 😂

  • Anderson Wang
    Anderson Wang4 dager siden

    That I’ve not even black I m Asian clip is funny and low key badass NGL!

  • PainTheDoge
    PainTheDoge4 dager siden

    activate windows you bafoon

  • Lemon Tyler
    Lemon Tyler4 dager siden


    RAG3 BROS4 dager siden

    what does that toy story part mean lol, dont get it

  • Bryiem Edie
    Bryiem Edie4 dager siden

    yall cant tell me this nigga dont look like KSI

  • Alex Ri
    Alex Ri4 dager siden

    This man is the greatest he is a legend

  • Leticia Flores
    Leticia Flores4 dager siden

    When he says it’s a apple but it’s actually a pear😂😂😂

    SSTEAZYMATT4 dager siden

    Bro he hit that Barak Obama 😂😂

  • Comedy Centralo
    Comedy Centralo4 dager siden

    Its an apple

  • Vince Ripdos
    Vince Ripdos5 dager siden

    "it's an apple" -JJ

  • Yxng_lennon
    Yxng_lennon5 dager siden

    His laugh is a cure for depression 😂

  • Mat Grafy
    Mat Grafy5 dager siden

    Who is Mo?

  • Your pal Sharky
    Your pal Sharky5 dager siden

    DUDE,12:44 got me so good bruh, I couldn’t stop laughing XD

  • MILF SLAYER 3000

    MILF SLAYER 3000

    4 dager siden

    Check out dh animations he made it a while back

  • Manuia Ngatokorua
    Manuia Ngatokorua5 dager siden

    5:49 shhhhhhhh asmr

  • Charmine Sesay
    Charmine Sesay5 dager siden

    oh Mario said n-word that's funny

  • WhenLifeTellsYouNo Haha
    WhenLifeTellsYouNo Haha5 dager siden

    3:10 😂😂😂😂

  • DD Games
    DD Games5 dager siden

    4:03 Its Spreading.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith5 dager siden

    When this man laughs I feel unsafe

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha5 dager siden

    Activate windows

  • Anthony Hunt
    Anthony Hunt5 dager siden

    Ksi fucked up😂

  • G aiming
    G aiming5 dager siden

    Give me that xbox :)))

  • Oguz unsal
    Oguz unsal5 dager siden


  • MinecraftTutorials
    MinecraftTutorials5 dager siden


  • kabed kalem
    kabed kalem5 dager siden

    3:38 too funny I'm ded

  • Rea Rea
    Rea Rea6 dager siden

    does anyone know what jj is actually saying in his intro

  • sai krishna
    sai krishna6 dager siden

    what was the movie name at 15:11

  • Akif Iman
    Akif Iman6 dager siden

    Anyone know the movie at 15:08 ?

  • Austin Sloane
    Austin Sloane6 dager siden

    The well-off noise morally please because felony rationally slow unto a valuable accordion. simplistic, royal himalayan

  • Michael Doly
    Michael Doly6 dager siden

    I wood pick up the cake and sit on the chair and eat the cake

  • Mathias warren
    Mathias warren6 dager siden

    That Cat one got me dead no joke lol.

  • blasterbomb8000
    blasterbomb80006 dager siden

    Ayo 5:11 what's this meme called? I need this

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha6 dager siden

    14:28 if you see the date that audio was posted that's my friggin birthday

  • Daren Carswell
    Daren Carswell6 dager siden

    I love how he said it’s an apple when it’s clearly a pear

  • Defaultシ
    Defaultシ6 dager siden

    Nobody Ksi its an apple

  • Mattiaskeinnn
    Mattiaskeinnn6 dager siden


  • Chase Chavez
    Chase Chavez6 dager siden

    The car lmao

  • Armagedongod271
    Armagedongod2716 dager siden

    ITS A PEAR what is this apple? ITS A APPLE JJ: don’t snitch me pls bro aw man I’m out.....

  • Mhr Playz
    Mhr Playz6 dager siden

    4:12 wasnt jj christian??

  • Danial Moore

    Danial Moore

    5 dager siden

    Y u tryna expose him

  • Mhr Playz

    Mhr Playz

    6 dager siden

    @phantom he shouldn’t joke about religion ;-;

  • phantom


    6 dager siden

    he kidding

  • HowToNotBeMe
    HowToNotBeMe6 dager siden

    is he muslim plz like if he is idk

  • Rikki petera
    Rikki petera6 dager siden


  • Yahiya Ismail
    Yahiya Ismail6 dager siden

    Has he still not activated Windows? WTF

  • Rakshit Khandelwal
    Rakshit Khandelwal6 dager siden

    The last one really got me!!!

  • Rakshit Khandelwal
    Rakshit Khandelwal6 dager siden

    Its an apple

  • Ash Bigboywhat fan
    Ash Bigboywhat fan6 dager siden

    For a sec i tht it wasn't a try not to laugh