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  • Bruce Cheung
    Bruce Cheung8 timer siden

    KSI logic: don’t like it? Delete it.

  • The RollerGoaster
    The RollerGoaster17 timer siden

    my dude be like muwo

  • xxxtentacion Fan
    xxxtentacion Fan17 timer siden

    I miss jj for uploading for 1 week

  • Surpentine
    Surpentine20 timer siden

    They're called situps you fat neek

  • soloplayeronly
    soloplayeronly21 time siden

    Why didnt the guy get a tapa that is bullshit

  • Razor
    RazorDag siden

    fuck ya he can say it mural

  • Hershey Bar
    Hershey BarDag siden

    I just love coming back to this video bc of how happy JJ gets when he says mural

  • Syahid
    SyahidDag siden

    "2017 ksi"

  • AvikClips
    AvikClipsDag siden

    If you like the laugh of KSI you have to watch this video made by me if you dont want to watch the video no problem have a great day!

  • Ayo -Raxanツ
    Ayo -RaxanツDag siden

    man got a pink durag lmfao

  • ttvGhostgamer7
    ttvGhostgamer7Dag siden


  • Sgt. Serious69
    Sgt. Serious692 dager siden

    The Part I came for 3:25

  • SPARKY _477
    SPARKY _4772 dager siden

    JJ was called a nerd....... Fam those were some strange times

    FOR FUN MEAMS2 dager siden

    Wait was he reaped BC he first was a gamer *MIND BLOND*

  • Darklonoz
    Darklonoz2 dager siden

    The guy who helped JJ said mural need recognition

    AHMAD DANISH3 dager siden


  • Kenzie-morgan Oliver
    Kenzie-morgan Oliver3 dager siden

    Next thing u know hes getting bullied on a microwave 😂😂

  • Midge Midgeplayz
    Midge Midgeplayz3 dager siden

    The Asian guys are trans

  • Controlled By
    Controlled By3 dager siden


  • Demonkjng
    Demonkjng4 dager siden

    Mo u make me so happy

  • Strom
    Strom4 dager siden

    Pineapple box form

  • ramen
    ramen4 dager siden

    10:50 white people when their black friends say they can say the n word

  • Harish
    Harish6 dager siden

    He is not KSI. He is Lord KSI

  • Mekhi Srey
    Mekhi Srey6 dager siden

    Jj gets like..40% of the pineapple 😭😭

  • Abhijai Jaglan
    Abhijai Jaglan6 dager siden

    7:59 , he transends English

  • Mashfiqur Rahman
    Mashfiqur Rahman6 dager siden

    Like the videos without add

  • Ansh SinghBhati
    Ansh SinghBhati7 dager siden

    JJ saying mural for one year and still not giving that person some gold

  • Sarah the person
    Sarah the person7 dager siden

    Me while watching JJ’s videos: 🔊🔊🔊 ten seconds later 🔉🔉🔉🔇

  • mma. ftlツ
    mma. ftlツ7 dager siden

    The best part of the vid at 10:30

  • XxDreamXerxX
    XxDreamXerxX8 dager siden

    KSI saying random shit me: what the f*ck my head

  • chill
    chill8 dager siden

    What jj hears : mural What I hear : mew mew mew

  • Retarded Drip
    Retarded Drip9 dager siden

    10:50 when a black dude gives a white guy the n word pass

  • Vaanraj-Singh Josan
    Vaanraj-Singh Josan9 dager siden


  • Dhrubo Khan
    Dhrubo Khan9 dager siden

    Never seen a 27 year old man got gassed so much cz he can say a word.. What an achievement !

  • Scepter V
    Scepter V10 dager siden

    I thought ksi was bout to cry wen he sneezed

  • Chip Munkk30
    Chip Munkk3010 dager siden

    10:51 African adults be like

  • Shinku Uchiha-Senju-Uzumaki
    Shinku Uchiha-Senju-Uzumaki10 dager siden

    I could say mural before KSI could and I'm 14 I can say mural since I was 10 heck before even that probably.

  • MythicalTB
    MythicalTB10 dager siden

    0:55 JJ already lost brain sells

  • Robbie Trapaga
    Robbie Trapaga10 dager siden

    Arsenal fans are essentially Jets fans😂

  • lingesh sathish
    lingesh sathish10 dager siden

    10:27 JJ achieved the impossible

  • Adh _ 43
    Adh _ 4310 dager siden

    It sounded like mu

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah11 dager siden

    For the people who thinking wrong 1 that's a walrus and 2 that's a sit up

  • Mervin Docejo
    Mervin Docejo11 dager siden

    Yeah push ups that's what it was

  • Ben The Dragon Ranger
    Ben The Dragon Ranger11 dager siden

    10:43 in LOL 🤣

  • Theflashflyer eagle team
    Theflashflyer eagle team11 dager siden

    How come all but Dan tdm and ksi are literally the only super popular yt in the uk

  • bfj sug
    bfj sug11 dager siden

    The obsolete forest phylogenetically sniff because motorcycle inferiorly wonder underneath a adamant gate. yummy, alluring spider

  • DonutFlyte


    10 dager siden


    WARLORD11 dager siden

    This is the best video modern KSI has posted

  • renz ecalla
    renz ecalla12 dager siden

    Whats the title of thr vik look alike on ksi's youtube?

  • ThatSaLotOfDamaged
    ThatSaLotOfDamaged12 dager siden

    3:51 give a prayer for our ksi 7:49 Lol 10:36 i think ksi is broken

  • Durag
    Durag12 dager siden

    Elite he done it gsssss

  • Ray_Xen
    Ray_Xen12 dager siden


  • lil capo
    lil capo13 dager siden

    1:01 push ups?

  • Abdiel Brandon
    Abdiel Brandon13 dager siden

    Hi ksi

  • メd『A』 ƒк
    メd『A』 ƒк14 dager siden

    Honestly, I think someone should send a video of JJ cutting the pineapple to Gordon Ramsay for his reaction.

  • Stevie P
    Stevie P14 dager siden

    The worried hall puzzlingly suffer because pink tinctorially smash in a fanatical bulldozer. selfish, broad power

  • Hi I’m Yu
    Hi I’m Yu14 dager siden

    5:15 lmao

    STRAIGHT POINT14 dager siden

    The other sidemen hearing jj scream he can say the word mural lol

  • Wonder Arm
    Wonder Arm14 dager siden

    Bro! how can you afford to wear arsenal jersey nowadays

  • matija tacer
    matija tacer15 dager siden


  • Samed Demir
    Samed Demir15 dager siden

    JJ hello from turkey I watch the videos I follow you , I love you

  • Shqipe Elmazi
    Shqipe Elmazi15 dager siden


  • TaxYourPack
    TaxYourPack15 dager siden

    1:02 push ups??

  • games co.
    games co.15 dager siden


  • Machismo Man
    Machismo Man16 dager siden

    1:02 ... PUSHups really JJ? You really arent in the game fam 😂

  • Help me to Reach 1⃣K subs
    Help me to Reach 1⃣K subs16 dager siden

    \ \ \ \ \ \

  • Homegrown Sonshine
    Homegrown Sonshine16 dager siden

    KSI: says your mum Me: unsubsrcibes

  • Ayden Grabow
    Ayden Grabow16 dager siden

    1:00 3......Push ups?

  • メ‿メAGGU
    メ‿メAGGU18 dager siden


  • Hope Kayl
    Hope Kayl18 dager siden

    You should react to get a new hobby fail army

  • vishnu nair
    vishnu nair18 dager siden

    I was watching this before my test. Seeing JJ saying the word mural and getting excited boosted my confidence to such a level that I passed my test with full marks. Dammm!!!!

  • Roshaan Sadiq
    Roshaan Sadiq19 dager siden

    10:40 jj saying mew

  • Anointedb bosunr
    Anointedb bosunr19 dager siden

    Mans getting bare gassed

  • Raaz
    Raaz19 dager siden

    Do you think that JJ likes Minecraft? Well he's playing it!! 8:45 (Look in the taskbar)

  • Shadow Crunch
    Shadow Crunch19 dager siden

    10:42 when you finished your homework in time

  • Ayden On Quack
    Ayden On Quack20 dager siden

    Who gonna tell him he's still saying it wrong

    CC7GAMES20 dager siden

    what a beat at the end BANGING

  • Samkele Mafunda
    Samkele Mafunda20 dager siden

    I liked before seeing the message sorry jj

  • BigMan Tings
    BigMan Tings21 dag siden

    Did anyone realise that he said push ups instead of sit ups 1:02

  • The_Gamer91
    The_Gamer9121 dag siden

    Next level, say Rural

  • TBIA _ToXiC
    TBIA _ToXiC21 dag siden

    It only took the power of oral. Don’t know why I didn’t realize that before

  • Van1sh_plays
    Van1sh_plays21 dag siden

    Where's the mural guys award jj?

  • Anyxnomus
    Anyxnomus21 dag siden

    Your not funny

  • Baldski


    16 dager siden

    Jake pauler alert

  • A8-bit_gamer
    A8-bit_gamer21 dag siden


  • xXJuicy_JasonXx
    xXJuicy_JasonXx22 dager siden

    And this is why he treats his fans like shit

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi22 dager siden

    When you realise that you are black: 10:50

  • toni risto
    toni risto22 dager siden

    Did he fucking said push ups instead of sit ups?

  • Itani501 Gaming
    Itani501 Gaming22 dager siden

    People saying ksi is dumb 9:00 10:23 ksi saying a word which proves he is a nerd where is his glasses

  • itz._krar the gamer
    itz._krar the gamer22 dager siden

    What does ksi stand for K.nowledge S.ex I.nnit

  • suparna bhattacharyya
    suparna bhattacharyya22 dager siden

    9:47 Proof that pewdiepie is actually ksi. KSI forgets that he is in his black form.

  • Lamb Sauce
    Lamb Sauce22 dager siden

    Subtitles said ACHOO when you sneezed

  • supreme
    supreme23 dager siden

    Come join man united

  • IBI468
    IBI46823 dager siden

    JJ: We lost 1-nil to Burnley Also JJ: To be honest though Aubameyang did scorr today

  • Humayun Ahmed
    Humayun Ahmed23 dager siden

    So no one is gonna talk about how jj didn’t even give the person and award for helping say mural? Lol

  • DonutFlyte


    10 dager siden

    Yeah ikr

  • Andrew Eng
    Andrew Eng23 dager siden

    JJ Saying MURAL for the first time: YESSSSSSSSSSS Me: Starts *LAUGHING

  • eregerwerr erfe
    eregerwerr erfe23 dager siden

    what the hell is this thumbnail

  • David Ramsis
    David Ramsis23 dager siden


  • darko durdeski
    darko durdeski23 dager siden

    when jj beats jake he should says fuck you you mural

  • SocietyGames979
    SocietyGames97924 dager siden

    BIG MOMENT FOR JJ WHEN HE FIANLY SAYS MURAL. ps i can say it at the age of 12

  • eyeyCCC You
    eyeyCCC You25 dager siden

    10:45 little did he know it was a setup for a reddit

  • eyeyCCC You
    eyeyCCC You25 dager siden

    That whole broken part 🤣🤣