So It's Actually Happening...




  • Oliver Hendry
    Oliver Hendry22 minutter siden

    25th February 2021 good one mo

  • Cole Brierley
    Cole Brierley24 minutter siden

    You should try vr

  • HDPL4
    HDPL431 minutt siden

    Thanks mo x

  • CLAWREX gaming
    CLAWREX gaming50 minutter siden

    0:35 2022*

  • Simon Geiwald
    Simon GeiwaldTime siden

    pretty sure its 2022 not 2021 my dude

    YT_FROSTY_CLANTime siden

    Wayweather is knocking him out so bad

  • Erion Krasniqi
    Erion KrasniqiTime siden

    when does this guy make youtube videos? bro i have waited 6 fucking days for him to react to jake paul and mayweather

  • Richard Angulo
    Richard AnguloTime siden

    I was having a mental breakdown and said I need to watch some ksi

  • little-por-kid 27
    little-por-kid 27Time siden

    Bro post more vids got dammmmm

  • Xd
    XdTime siden

    Jake Paul got punched by Mayweather

  • Swapnil Gangrade
    Swapnil Gangrade2 timer siden

    I'd have loved subtitles by Mo on spanish I'm a fatneek i love horses😂

  • FourSlayer
    FourSlayer2 timer siden

    Can’t wait for his thoughts on the Jake and Floyd sitatuion

  • Othma- e
    Othma- e2 timer siden

    Pq jnr parle anglais ?

  • playboi hatake
    playboi hatake2 timer siden

    July 16 is my birthday 🤝

  • yung pip
    yung pip2 timer siden

    Ksi must go on the undercard to fight jake paul, please 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • Tateum Peters
    Tateum Peters2 timer siden

    0:30 febuarary 25th 2021 was a long ass time ago pal😂😂

  • BDGPhazer
    BDGPhazer2 timer siden

    Feb 21st 2021??

  • TroytheGamerHD
    TroytheGamerHD3 timer siden

    Check out weapon wheel podcast

  • yba k3i
    yba k3i3 timer siden

    sup mate !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KingA Friend
    KingA Friend3 timer siden

    Go listen to dax and stream jake Paul’s album

  • focusMW
    focusMW3 timer siden

    Had to dislike the video becuase he is a Ronaldo fan more then a Messi fan

  • Dopeman 111796
    Dopeman 1117963 timer siden

    I can’t wait for ksi to react to Jake Paul and may weather

  • Jason Luedtke
    Jason Luedtke3 timer siden


  • Andrew Greendige
    Andrew Greendige3 timer siden


  • Bibek Sapkota
    Bibek Sapkota3 timer siden

    July 16th is my birthday

  • Hencocluckinbell
    Hencocluckinbell3 timer siden

    PLEASE KSI go listen to a few creo songs, I'm sure you'll like it.

  • _cc J
    _cc J3 timer siden

    did he say February

    MELLXWDY3 timer siden

    First Jake Challenges Conor, so in Logan"s head he is like alright he is gonna fight conor, I'll fight Floyd then...

  • Marcus
    Marcus4 timer siden


  • Dominader Music
    Dominader Music4 timer siden

    JJ:your life will get better and you’ll enjoy life when u get in shape and train Me: I’ve been training my entire life and I’m in shape and I still stress more and more 😂 😂

  • ScytheAu-_-
    ScytheAu-_-4 timer siden

    If Jake thinks he’s that good why doesn’t he box Anthony Joshua I wanna see AJ knock the fuck and make a joke out of jake

  • zkombat
    zkombat4 timer siden

    Bruh you won by 2 points images that Jake knocked gib out so u have to vs Jake u said it:(

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez4 timer siden

    Your song is o most in mi birthday

  • Dice 4
    Dice 44 timer siden

    Never rooted for Mayweather, but at least I could respect him.

  • funny smoove rage gameing
    funny smoove rage gameing5 timer siden

    My eyes 👀!!!!

  • CurliBoi
    CurliBoi5 timer siden

    You actually nailed the spanish!

  • Harux 124
    Harux 1245 timer siden

    I litterally had trouble telling when JJ was laughing and when the video played the laugh..

  • sincerely milo.
    sincerely milo.5 timer siden

    Whats bigger, Mayweather's and Connor's record Combined. Or jj's four head

  • Matias Cordova
    Matias Cordova5 timer siden


  • Joshua Pate
    Joshua Pate5 timer siden

    POV: you’re waiting for the video on the mayweather conference

  • Mhmd Daood
    Mhmd Daood6 timer siden

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  • faris tuqan
    faris tuqan6 timer siden

    what is wrong with u with slaping a youtuber

  • MurkedStat
    MurkedStat6 timer siden

    Bro that mermaid drawing at 3:18 had me in tears. I had the same why!?!?! Hahahah 😂😂😂 people are hilarious

  • Kasey J
    Kasey J6 timer siden

    Please react to Jake taking Floyd’s hat

  • Grace Pinder
    Grace Pinder6 timer siden

    Omg don't ever take off that bandana again

  • Zedman16_12
    Zedman16_126 timer siden

    Who wants to see KSI‘s reaction to the Mayweather and Logan Paul press conference with Jake Paul in it like so he sees this I want to know what he thinks

  • Ayad Alazzawi
    Ayad Alazzawi6 timer siden

    Actually the mirror won

  • RayanVlogs
    RayanVlogs7 timer siden

    0:34 I’m sure he meant 2022😂😂

  • Big man Kev
    Big man Kev7 timer siden

    Ksi makes me wanna say the n word in the deaf neighborhood

  • Rizel
    Rizel7 timer siden

  • octrain
    octrain7 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain7 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain7 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain7 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain7 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain7 timer siden


  • Chizzy & Michael
    Chizzy & Michael7 timer siden

    Hey JJ...I just love your style so much...your a role model to me

  • Tvoine
    Tvoine7 timer siden

    Dying of laughter

  • Phoenix Milburn
    Phoenix Milburn7 timer siden


  • Phoenix Milburn
    Phoenix Milburn7 timer siden


  • Phoenix Milburn
    Phoenix Milburn7 timer siden


  • Dylan Logan
    Dylan Logan7 timer siden

    That mirror looks like it got attacked by a bear lmao

  • H
    H7 timer siden

    "I always advocate people losing weight" - Fatneek 🤣

  • Simple WRLD
    Simple WRLD7 timer siden

    Who else is waiting. For ksi to react to Jake paul getting beat up

  • Gabriel Melaku
    Gabriel Melaku7 timer siden

    “I’m soy” .. I am, I am. lmao

  • Emmit Sansone
    Emmit Sansone7 timer siden

    Can’t wait

  • Jonathan Calle
    Jonathan Calle7 timer siden

    Yo ksi, I wanna 1v1 you on dragon ball legends. If you say no, then your a Jake Paul fan

  • H
    H7 timer siden

    0:36 he said he's performing at Wembley on FEB 25th 2021??

  • ShadowTRN
    ShadowTRN7 timer siden

    I can’t believe this fight is happening 🤣

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith8 timer siden

    How can you hate ksi

  • Avatar Roku
    Avatar Roku8 timer siden

    8:42 that Mega Sus forehead tho

  • cameron jam
    cameron jam8 timer siden

    ME: waiting for JJ to react to Jake paul taking Floyd mayweather Hat

  • MajinAngel777
    MajinAngel7778 timer siden

    yo ik that cd guy from the tiktok hes always there

    O_O TAKUNIVERSE8 timer siden

    Jakepaul almost gets knocked out by Floyd's bodyguard I'm never gonna watch a jakepaul fight now I know it's all rigged

  • KingxPerseus
    KingxPerseus8 timer siden

    I hope JJ makes a reaction video on mayweather and jake lma0

  • Deadhead 9351
    Deadhead 93518 timer siden

    Something will be wrong with the universe if logan wins mayweather has 27 ko's

  • Joseph Castro
    Joseph Castro8 timer siden

    JJ: When I “WAS” fat. Me: Mhm “was” sure.

  • skyler hawkins
    skyler hawkins8 timer siden

    Yo the color brown doesn’t exist it’s just a dark shade of orange making Ksi Orangeneek

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous9 timer siden

    Nobody: Closed Captions" Ight imma head out"

  • Kevin Ramirez
    Kevin Ramirez9 timer siden

    Mo is the best 🤣🤣

  • RavenClaw -
    RavenClaw -9 timer siden

    What’s with ethan’s picture ?

  • Mrorangechair32 yee
    Mrorangechair32 yee9 timer siden

    Y’all heard Adam Selah faked his boxing match 😭

  • Cris 3240
    Cris 32409 timer siden

    8:35 👽

  • Andy Havok
    Andy Havok9 timer siden

    Just remembered “Laid in america”😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sports Cars
    Sports Cars10 timer siden

    Who do u guys think is gonna win

  • All We Can Be TV
    All We Can Be TV10 timer siden

    Good stuff mo

  • Linda Villanueva
    Linda Villanueva10 timer siden

    Logan gonna get trashed on bro

  • Hucks
    Hucks10 timer siden

    U left ur Ps5 on

  • Kagan Isaacs
    Kagan Isaacs10 timer siden

    Niko for mayor

  • ledi 4k
    ledi 4k10 timer siden

    Guys install pi network to mine pi and use code ledionii9 to support me by getting more pi per hour.TY very much!!

  • Jake Brunskill
    Jake Brunskill10 timer siden

    It’s alright boys... it’s only 5 days 👀