Ricegum is down BAD


New song with Anne Marie & DFA - lnk.to/DontPlay


  • Maxy Rojas
    Maxy Rojas3 timer siden

    Who’s rice gum

  • Sergent
    Sergent8 timer siden


  • ramen Malik
    ramen Malik13 timer siden

    Umagine being so irrelevant ur relevant for being irrelevant but still not relevant enough to be relevant....i gave myself a siezurs

  • Mary Lesperance
    Mary Lesperance20 timer siden

    The richest guy is bald and doesn't use anything to have hair nor using wigs

  • Richard Cabanas
    Richard CabanasDag siden

    Ngl I kind if enjoy his Videos, But I enjoy Ksi's more😂😂

  • Adam Khissi
    Adam KhissiDag siden

    Rice gum is my favorite youtuber

  • Sam_ universe

    Sam_ universe

    19 timer siden


  • lol epic games
    lol epic gamesDag siden

    its wierd that im 12 and i have a better mustache lol

  • mango
    mangoDag siden

    If I was 10 times smarter I would be still dumb

  • Prxgi
    PrxgiDag siden

    Who is ricegum?

  • Light
    Light2 dager siden

    Soon JJ is gonna fucking beat himself in youtubers LMFAO.

  • Lowinator
    Lowinator2 dager siden

    Rice who?

  • Joel
    Joel3 dager siden

    You didn't even watch the whole meathead video, literally answers all of your questions right after you clicked off

  • FrostKing Gaming
    FrostKing Gaming3 dager siden

    Ksi reminded us about rice gum []

  • IIced_shad0w YT
    IIced_shad0w YT3 dager siden


  • Kirsty Elmore
    Kirsty Elmore4 dager siden

    Who is ricegum

  • Ermal qeli
    Ermal qeli5 dager siden

    Who ever dislike this video is a Ricegum Fan

  • Percy Vulkan
    Percy Vulkan5 dager siden

    I’m not a new fan but I’m not a super old fan what’s get hyper

  • SHDW Rayder
    SHDW Rayder5 dager siden

    He wants us all at once Yh? I’m 6ft 3 at 15😂 we would fckin destroy him even if there’s are rules

  • Nero Metal
    Nero Metal5 dager siden

    Ricegum who?

  • Doctor. Executioner
    Doctor. Executioner7 dager siden

    Ricegum has been diagnosed with FORGOTTEN!

  • Doctor. Executioner

    Doctor. Executioner

    19 timer siden

    @Sam_ universe Ah good one!

  • Sam_ universe

    Sam_ universe

    19 timer siden

    nah thats a bootleg name the real disease is called IRRELEVANT

  • Astha Pragya
    Astha Pragya7 dager siden

    pretty sure jj watched the entire video after seeing the comments Cause every next comment is either "JJ watch entire chemist video" Or "ricegum lmao"

  • mateusz molenda
    mateusz molenda7 dager siden

    I don't want to be that guy, but isnt ricegum ironically completely irrelevant. Havent heard anyone speak his name in a year and a half.

  • Atharva Rane
    Atharva Rane8 dager siden


  • Blair Bone
    Blair Bone8 dager siden

    Bruh. I gotta keep my finger on the volume. One minute he's so loud and one minute he's silent hill ..

  • PeNg Alpha
    PeNg Alpha9 dager siden

    "Potions to make your muscles bigger" It's called steroids

  • Itz sga
    Itz sga9 dager siden

    Lol rice streams on twich gta and stuff and he's really bad at it he doesn't know what he's doin 😂🤣

  • Darius Robinson
    Darius Robinson9 dager siden

    Ricegum poppin on twitch he doesn’t do NOlocal like that anymore

    FORTNITE GAMEPLAY10 dager siden

    Ricegum still maks vids but gta only on ricegum entertainment im not a fan but yea

  • Games WOW NOW
    Games WOW NOW10 dager siden

    wow your fake forced laugh is so annoying i disliked the video

  • Sam_ universe

    Sam_ universe

    10 timer siden

    @Games WOW NOW but until then, you're just an annoying troll who'll never be happy since he's annoyed at every little thing like a laugh, talk big, talk about good person, and absolutely everything

  • Sam_ universe

    Sam_ universe

    10 timer siden

    my bad missed the he isnt bad but my point still stands

  • Sam_ universe

    Sam_ universe

    10 timer siden

    @Games WOW NOW also you arent one to judge me, maybe focus on your own flaws and mistakes before judging others, you do not know what I do, dont like him? then leave, however getting annoyed over something so small like a laugh, is just so ridicilous

  • Games WOW NOW

    Games WOW NOW

    10 timer siden

    @Sam_ universe are u asleep? i said you take side to dumbness, you know, the behavior, not the person. are you some kind of protector of noisy people? i even said he is not that bat. and i'm not pissed, i was just annoyed and i disliked the vid for that. why you so upset about that? go do some real good, help the poor, help the elder. you are not virtuous trying to be the hero for something or someone that doesn't need your help. go do some good to other who need it, until then you just a wanna be good person

  • Sam_ universe

    Sam_ universe

    10 timer siden

    @Games WOW NOW also, I am not your friend

  • New Age Cinematics
    New Age Cinematics10 dager siden

    oh wait, this isn’t Stormzy.. 🤣

  • G M
    G M11 dager siden

    So more sidemen took this thumbnail too lmafo

  • Daknee Jorj
    Daknee Jorj11 dager siden

    7:02 Plot twist: It's the horse from "I'm On A Horse" and he's been training for months to take revenge on JJ.

  • Agent Basindee
    Agent Basindee11 dager siden

    Ricegum looks like that one girl who cries in class for attention and looks up to see if anyone notices.

  • paul jackson
    paul jackson14 dager siden

    I don’t want to joke but.... who is Ricegum

  • Tilly-Rae _YT
    Tilly-Rae _YT14 dager siden

    FIT NEEK-KSI 2021

  • 42
    4214 dager siden

    the old ksi will never be topped

  • Baka Asta
    Baka Asta14 dager siden

    Yo was sap

  • Purvankaaa
    Purvankaaa15 dager siden

    KSIs laugh is a whole mood

  • pablo_escobar
    pablo_escobar15 dager siden

    Ji ist the only one keeping ricegum relevant For about 10. Minutes

  • Fierce Eagle official
    Fierce Eagle official15 dager siden

    14:53 JJ predicted Lil uzi verts idea

  • Reaboka Sothoane
    Reaboka Sothoane15 dager siden

    Who's ricegum

  • Ozzie XO
    Ozzie XO16 dager siden

    12 mil sparing jj

  • Ozzie XO
    Ozzie XO16 dager siden

    ksi vs ricegum

  • Hannah Shafi
    Hannah Shafi16 dager siden

    Feel like rice gum is an asian fe4rl3ss..

  • Mahiraa Khaan
    Mahiraa Khaan16 dager siden

    Caster oil is good to help w hair growth ngl natural remedies work

  • Gurung Marimo
    Gurung Marimo17 dager siden

    I can actually forgot Rice Gum existed, like literally

  • Ketline Petitehomme
    Ketline Petitehomme17 dager siden

    Jesus is coming back be ready people's

  • Gangsta Doo Doo

    Gangsta Doo Doo

    6 dager siden


  • ImJustABoredKid
    ImJustABoredKid17 dager siden

    Hot fat African man goes hahahahaha on his reddit.

  • Rockyy
    Rockyy17 dager siden

    Legit forgot that Ricegum existed

  • Rockyy


    16 dager siden

    @Hannah Shafi? With that ideology, everyone is a copycat

  • Hannah Shafi

    Hannah Shafi

    16 dager siden


  • Space Cat
    Space Cat18 dager siden

    Ksi: watching beard tutorial Viewers: Tf is that you piece of sheet

  • No body
    No body19 dager siden

    Nah Rice did it first 😐 u and him ant the same

  • Itz Misty
    Itz Misty19 dager siden

    14:25 they violated tobi 🤣😭😭

  • Ash Bryant
    Ash Bryant20 dager siden

    You’re like the only NOlocal that has stayed the same, don’t ever change man 😂

  • Lagum the Rapper
    Lagum the Rapper20 dager siden

    who is rice gum? seriously i don’t know 😕

  • Asioud
    Asioud21 dag siden

    7:05 the voice crack i cant lmaoo

  • Blessed from day 1
    Blessed from day 121 dag siden

    Ricegum vs vik boxing match needs to happen vik would mash him up

  • david ford
    david ford21 dag siden

    @KSI One of my family members is dying, and all they want is for you to get hyper.#KSI

  • david ford
    david ford21 dag siden

    @KSI get.......hyper

  • Flyy2funny
    Flyy2funny21 dag siden

    I swear i thoguht i saw simon in the back when the video first started 😅😅

  • C.P Hiphopdift
    C.P Hiphopdift22 dager siden

    11:43 you guys will witnessed the happiness turns to confuseing fucking face in a sec....i feel bad for u JJ.........

  • Carmine IF
    Carmine IF22 dager siden

    I’m mean it’s true just cause your 1000 ft tall doesn’t mean you can break a full concrete wall

    REMOVE SBMM22 dager siden

    2:18 lol

  • Dal M
    Dal M22 dager siden

    Ksi looked like Harvey price coming over the wall

  • Mya Dalton
    Mya Dalton23 dager siden

    lol 😂 I love his accent 🤍

  • IbnMujahid Ibn al-jamal
    IbnMujahid Ibn al-jamal23 dager siden


  • Bobby 333
    Bobby 33323 dager siden

    I wish girls was as interested in me as KSI is in ricegum.

  • Swish. _ .linken
    Swish. _ .linken23 dager siden

    dang rip rice bruh

  • Hybrid Prince.
    Hybrid Prince.24 dager siden

    Awesome JJ u had some pretty good accomplishments

  • ImaME$$
    ImaME$$24 dager siden

    Bro the bandicam callout had me rollinggg

  • JoshScape
    JoshScape24 dager siden

    600k sales platinum in UK, 1 mill sales for Platinum US. Did you do it?????

    NOOT NOOT25 dager siden

    Almost all of JJs music sounds the same

  • Lil X
    Lil X25 dager siden

    Bruh jj u should watch Derek's vif again its legit asf i did that shit now i look like a fucking viking

  • Mg Sy
    Mg Sy25 dager siden

    Next colab with stormzy like if yes

  • Tamika
    Tamika25 dager siden

    I know this comment won’t been seen but JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL IS GOOD FOR GROWING HAIR AND STUFF

  • Noah Gann
    Noah Gann25 dager siden


  • Doug
    Doug26 dager siden

    mate i'm 13 and my biceps are looking better than that 9:06

  • bing bong
    bing bong26 dager siden


  • bing bong

    bing bong

    26 dager siden


  • lawrence Kay
    lawrence Kay27 dager siden

    Who is ricegum?

  • Steven Martinez
    Steven Martinez27 dager siden

    Bruh i forgot he was alive lol

  • Majd Alwadiya
    Majd Alwadiya27 dager siden

    in the cover of the song, Anne-Marie is wearing the same thing as Uma Thurman (The Bride)

  • - Bandz -
    - Bandz -27 dager siden

    Rice gum is pissed

  • Yengest


    27 dager siden

    I’m interested in business

  • Kadir Ali Duman
    Kadir Ali Duman27 dager siden

    Whos rice gum?

  • kanser gaming
    kanser gaming27 dager siden

    Ksi:fitneek fitneek fitneek What we hear:fatneek fatneek fatneek

  • kanser gaming
    kanser gaming27 dager siden

    7:45 bro its his first time

  • BaBaBoi
    BaBaBoi28 dager siden

    I think corpses voice and ksis lyrics will be the greatest song of 2021

  • Travis Dick
    Travis Dick28 dager siden

    do your thoghts on jake vs ben!!!!!!

  • Danthecoolboy Leo
    Danthecoolboy Leo28 dager siden

    Do you have discord

  • Salamat Po!
    Salamat Po!28 dager siden

    Bruh ricegum is dead leave him alone I am his cousin

  • Twinkle Pandey
    Twinkle Pandey28 dager siden

    The look in Ksi's eyes when Simon ate that wrap.. You know ksi be getting some bomb heard in the bed lol... Ksimon confirmed lol

  • Burco Presents
    Burco Presents29 dager siden

    Everyone talking about the video while I’m just impressed by the fact that he’s collabing with Anne Marie

  • jenny pig
    jenny pig29 dager siden

    I think Rice gum is a whole narcissist, he just gives me horrible vibes.

  • TheRedCourage
    TheRedCourage29 dager siden

    You're hearing stuff but you're not listening, JJ.

  • everynamewastakenomg
    everynamewastakenomg29 dager siden

    Your beard is still tragic. Wouldn't even call it a beard, looks like a gravy trail.

    CFC KIB29 dager siden

    I just watched “laid in America” 😂😂

  • Almohanad Ali
    Almohanad Ali29 dager siden

    9:00 em I gay

  • Cashwayjayy
    CashwayjayyMåned siden

    Can see he still on rice gums meat

  • Jason Campollo
    Jason CampolloMåned siden

    I get not watching everything on the entire video for hair growth as you’re filming a Reddit vid but come on jj you don’t know everything stop acting like you’ve tried everything. More plates more dates knows his stuff. Don’t brush past it just because you get bored

  • Jason Campollo

    Jason Campollo

    6 dager siden

    @Gangsta Doo Doo that too but he has a super short attention span so yes boredom is also there. It was a mix of all 3 unfortunately

  • Gangsta Doo Doo

    Gangsta Doo Doo

    6 dager siden

    He didn't get bored he got annoyed and frustrated

  • Anime forever is me
    Anime forever is meMåned siden

    Fit neek

  • DenizBek20
    DenizBek20Måned siden

    07:40 mate that drawing was absolutely class! Don't disrespect!

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy SaucingMåned siden

    Jjs beard is so sad.... its not even a beard beard hair is on the face everything is on his neck 😂😂😂