Reacting To Weird Videos (Simpsons Edition)


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  • Dominic Deitrich
    Dominic Deitrich21 time siden

    JJ watch this i cant stop laughing

  • WufuDufu
    WufuDufuDag siden

    was it really that hard to at least show the video page with the info on my chicken and apple animation? would've been a big help for my channel if you would've credited me for my work. thanks for at least getting it out there though to some degree.

  • Berr PRD
    Berr PRDDag siden

    4:49 did he say gayboard? or skateboard

  • 503Music
    503Music2 dager siden

    Wait how can you send him vids?

  • ezalb
    ezalb4 dager siden

    Simpsons vid has the booga booga roblox game music in it haha

  • Salman Ehsan
    Salman Ehsan8 dager siden

    9:23 scene was weird but i love that song

  • Eepop_stuffs
    Eepop_stuffs8 dager siden

    Anybody know the video in the thumbnail? Im not going to watch this whone video because I think i'll die of cringe if i do.

  • Controlled By
    Controlled By9 dager siden

    11:31 why is that on the internet you ask more like WHY IS THIS ON THE INTERNET

  • Abdelaziz El habti
    Abdelaziz El habti10 dager siden

    Bro do you like soccer because you have a Pelé shirt at the back

  • Wang's DOnutGeisha
    Wang's DOnutGeisha11 dager siden

    Ahem, What Is The Name Of The Gecko Video.

  • sandbox player
    sandbox player11 dager siden

    Ah I see mo did good with this thumbnail... it would be a shame if a 🥖 were to appear

  • Luca De Rosa
    Luca De Rosa12 dager siden

    Guys where do you think is a good place to find this kind of videos?

  • 34abub021


    11 dager siden

    Tell me when you find answers

  • John Human
    John Human13 dager siden

    The last video is the music video for Right here Right now by Fatboy slim but im fine with him not playing the actual music video because it is 3 minutes long and would've probably resulted in a dmca

  • PowerfulPE TM
    PowerfulPE TM13 dager siden

    Surely bare man can relate to that kid in the beginning 🙋🏿‍♂️

  • Marcel Schuster
    Marcel Schuster14 dager siden


  • Colin Browne
    Colin Browne16 dager siden

    The Simpson thing literally made me feel sick, that was so fucked up

  • awiildlucas
    awiildlucas16 dager siden

    you have to watch pamtri videos that would be awesome

  • Libs Swindells
    Libs Swindells16 dager siden

    What the shit was that first video though ?

  • ROGUE Studios Empire E
    ROGUE Studios Empire E17 dager siden

    They stole the evolution of a man in one minute video from the fatboy slim song Right here Right now

  • Doda Man
    Doda Man18 dager siden

    9:10 that song added more feelings to it.... lol

  • German Alvapien

    German Alvapien

    9 dager siden

    @Doda Man Bro thanks a lot, I've been looking for it the past 40 mins. You saved me a lot of time!

  • Doda Man

    Doda Man

    9 dager siden

    @German Alvapien YUP BRO....*JO BHEJI THI DUA*

  • German Alvapien

    German Alvapien

    9 dager siden

    Do you know the name of the song?

  • Brady Ciganek
    Brady Ciganek18 dager siden

    someone PLEASE tell me what he says in the intro....

  • Hope Kayl
    Hope Kayl18 dager siden

    You should react to get a new hobby fail army

  • Tafadzwa Mawema
    Tafadzwa Mawema19 dager siden

    i was just saying wtf the whole video

    DELOONEYTV20 dager siden

    @ wanna see the next ksi hes british check out this channel hes hilarious!!!

  • Alex Becker
    Alex Becker21 dag siden

    activate windows you baffooooonnnn

  • Alex Becker

    Alex Becker

    21 dag siden

    of course my guy

  • Alex Becker

    Alex Becker

    21 dag siden

    thanks man

  • Alex Becker

    Alex Becker

    21 dag siden

    he is a pretty smart guy

  • the gaming guy
    the gaming guy22 dager siden

    Petition for jj to activate Windows 👇

  • Braydon Brokke
    Braydon Brokke22 dager siden

    Gaico adevertaisment

  • Agastya 2008 Kaul
    Agastya 2008 Kaul23 dager siden

    this should be a crack compilation.

  • James Ainsworth
    James Ainsworth23 dager siden

    8:20 absolute perfection

  • Sam Hema
    Sam Hema24 dager siden

    my friend from basketball looks exatlly like you lol

  • Ahmad Sukri Sabri
    Ahmad Sukri Sabri24 dager siden

    The Simp Son

  • FunkySheep88
    FunkySheep8825 dager siden

    That last clip is literally the video for Fatboy Slim Right here Right now speeded up

  • gleeful jay
    gleeful jay25 dager siden

    8:51 thought it was a Geico commercial but was better

  • Бaлю Бaлев
    Бaлю Бaлев25 dager siden

    The last one was from a legendary song performed by fatboyslim ,,Right here right now"

  • Taneemul Alam
    Taneemul Alam25 dager siden

    This video did not age well

  • boom boom
    boom boom26 dager siden

    How do you do it my man

  • Louis Edgar Slade
    Louis Edgar Slade27 dager siden

    I'm so happy because he did this on my birthday

  • Mandy Norman
    Mandy Norman27 dager siden

    [system notice] you've finished tutorial mode "2020" Transporting the player into Stage 1 "2021"

  • pinans
    pinans27 dager siden

    i‘m high and watching that simpson clip was very disturbing somehow

  • Team Press Play
    Team Press Play28 dager siden

    Why when the video just started I heard YO WASSUP YA BOI KSI JOINED LGBT HOW YA DOIN'

  • Jefferson Agudelo
    Jefferson Agudelo28 dager siden

    I think I'm becoming a psychopath watching this

  • Christian Sanchez
    Christian Sanchez28 dager siden


  • Liam Styles
    Liam StylesMåned siden

    this is just jj being confused

  • Wannabe_pain
    Wannabe_painMåned siden

    8:53 when you see your friend at the shops 😂

  • The Racing Fox
    The Racing FoxMåned siden

    This: 9:53 Sephiroth: SUPERNOVA THIS BITCH!!!

  • brows
    browsMåned siden

    Wtf am i watching

  • jh397
    jh397Måned siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • P3TZX
    P3TZXMåned siden

    covid now be like : GUESS WHOS BACK

  • Kingston Shum
    Kingston ShumMåned siden

    average intro: wats up guys welcome back... ksi intro: yo wassup your boy ksi ligetdmjhdsnfjhansnkjncbhjbhjnbhbvHBwhjfbhabwnhdhrbjhbhjsjnfneNKJSDN how we all doin

  • AlocHs
    AlocHsMåned siden

    Why didn't i see this video at 2nd of January

  • GGGames XD
    GGGames XDMåned siden

    Where do i find that weird chicken video on NOlocal 10:21

  • Shoegazing Slappy

    Shoegazing Slappy

    Dag siden

    Here, thanks to 404 Metsubou 2.0 for getting someone to translate the titlecard and finding it

  • DJ Sceech
    DJ SceechMåned siden

    Bubba Tundae

  • DreamLogic
    DreamLogicMåned siden

    This video contains some of the most disconcerting clips I've ever seen

  • Luke 18
    Luke 18Måned siden

    I’m annoyed he didn’t recognise fatboy slim

  • Bourhane Hamidou
    Bourhane HamidouMåned siden


  • Federico Fontana
    Federico FontanaMåned siden

    Can someone give me a link to the chicken video? I can't find it nowhere

  • WufuDufu


    Dag siden

  • BADSHAh GaMing
    BADSHAh GaMingMåned siden

    11:38 why not woman?

  • Rizwan Khan
    Rizwan KhanMåned siden


  • joey worldtour
    joey worldtourMåned siden

    PLEASE react to meat Canyon

  • Luka Stojanovic
    Luka StojanovicMåned siden

    The little kid is Actually PewDiePie did you know? Felix...🤣

  • GoldenKnight 951
    GoldenKnight 951Måned siden

    Anyone who can understand Hindi 8:51 ...

  • Francesca F
    Francesca FMåned siden

    I thought it was weird that people were acting like covid would disappear cause it's 2021

  • Ameera TheHybrid
    Ameera TheHybridMåned siden

    jj is so sensitive its so cute

  • ForeverAtari
    ForeverAtariMåned siden

    2020 prestige 1

  • TrenchesTommy
    TrenchesTommyMåned siden

    When you realize the name of the new year is literally twenty-twenty won.....

  • Joel


    27 dager siden

    when you realize you’ve seen this joke twenty times

  • MaranionUploadsShit
    MaranionUploadsShitMåned siden

    SOMEONE PLEASE do you know where I can find the clip with the chicken and apple at - 10:20

  • skelescene


    14 timer siden

    @WufuDufu dude ikr?

  • dntlkdwn


    Dag siden

    here is the link

  • dntlkdwn


    Dag siden

    it's by my buddy, wufudufu

  • WufuDufu


    Dag siden

    really wish he would've at least credited my video when he used it omg

  • Shoegazing Slappy

    Shoegazing Slappy

    Dag siden

    Here, thanks to 404 Metsubou 2.0 for getting someone to translate the titlecard and finding it

  • Catherine Reynolds
    Catherine ReynoldsMåned siden

    Yo why did I start crying when the lizards died

  • Oliver Stannard
    Oliver StannardMåned siden

    The last clip was from one of fat boy slim's music video

  • Surpentlils
    SurpentlilsMåned siden


  • Aaron Jacob Yasharal
    Aaron Jacob YasharalMåned siden

    Lol theory of evolution is a joke

  • Nightmare
    NightmareMåned siden

    Pooh’s hungry for that white honey

  • Karan Raj
    Karan RajMåned siden

    He got scared at the Simpson part

  • Carl Sanft
    Carl SanftMåned siden

    This Disney - This ducing scary

  • SPR Dark
    SPR DarkMåned siden

    Can someone give me the link to the first one

  • Grace Bryceland
    Grace BrycelandMåned siden


  • R4K45H1 03
    R4K45H1 03Måned siden

    6:10 bro who farted

  • muhammad khan
    muhammad khanMåned siden

    Come to pakistan ok my KSI

  • Fazyboy
    FazyboyMåned siden

    Yoooooooo Ksiiiiii

  • Guacamole Nigga penis
    Guacamole Nigga penisMåned siden

    Needa part 2

  • Felipe Ramos
    Felipe RamosMåned siden

    what is the chicken video link?

  • Shoegazing Slappy

    Shoegazing Slappy

    Dag siden

    Here, thanks to 404 Metsubou 2.0 for getting someone to translate the titlecard and finding it

  • Rangga TM
    Rangga TMMåned siden

    thats rapped kid shirts

  • n 2-b
    n 2-bMåned siden

    Happy new yer 1991

  • Aditya Suryawanshi
    Aditya SuryawanshiMåned siden

    8:53 wtf lol

  • Danny Hustle
    Danny HustleMåned siden

    Please react to Japanese commercial

  • 150k Challenge
    150k ChallengeMåned siden

    9:00 the language here is urdu

  • jordywardy2
    jordywardy2Måned siden

    Anyone know what the chicken one is called 😂

  • Shoegazing Slappy

    Shoegazing Slappy

    Dag siden

    Here, thanks to 404 Metsubou 2.0 for getting someone to translate the titlecard and finding it

  • Edanderson 27
    Edanderson 27Måned siden

    The first clip was amazing😂😂 basically summed up PTSD at its finest😂

  • dream babiiee.
    dream babiiee.Måned siden

    ksi : not today satan. satan : how about today.?

  • HYPER Boss
    HYPER BossMåned siden

    I love that at 8.53 there is a Urdu song just playing in the background and jj is just laughing-that song is ment to be emotional


    This is the type oh sh!t thats on the dark web 😂💀

  • Willdebeast
    WilldebeastMåned siden

    I'm annoyed he didn't know the last clip was from Fatboy Slim

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anmlMåned siden

    Such an awesome video!

  • HenrySortland
    HenrySortlandMåned siden

    wtf happend to the birds in 2021? :(

  • Aryan Dhiman
    Aryan DhimanMåned siden

    8:57 indian song which i dont like it its a emotional song😂😂

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Måned siden

    11:40 that’s the music video for right here right now by fatboy slim

  • le frug
    le frugMåned siden

    To 1.08

  • le frug
    le frugMåned siden

    JJ'S reaction was priceless

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Måned siden

    “Don’t put anything in my mouth guys” Reddit: This’ll be fun

  • Mystery_ Current
    Mystery_ CurrentMåned siden


  • Mystery_ Current

    Mystery_ Current

    Måned siden

    @dcoog anml uhhh

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Måned siden

    JJ please 🙏🙏🙏 React To Ethiopian Music Please Links Here Original Video👉 Concert Video

  • Reekofn
    ReekofnMåned siden

    ‘COVID has finally disappeared’ a week later it’s bloody lockdown

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa NiMåned siden

    10:38 *the weebs have entered the chat*

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    Måned siden

    Love you videos???

    ZEROH to HEROMåned siden

    The last one made me laugh so hard. 🤣🤣