Pewdiepie Reacted To My Drawing Of Him


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  • ibraim jusufov
    ibraim jusufovTime siden

    if you can get hyper he would probably have motivation jj.

  • Mega Phone
    Mega PhoneDag siden


  • bobbyj j
    bobbyj j2 dager siden

    “Did your mum drop you as a baby” -KSI-2020

  • Kamal Kr
    Kamal Kr3 dager siden

    Ksi :You only live once. Me :thank god .

  • Isaiah Petty
    Isaiah Petty4 dager siden

    ayo that beat weak af but jj would sound crazy on a hard trap beat.

  • Nathaniel Alexander
    Nathaniel Alexander6 dager siden

    Probably doesn’t get a single jojo reference

  • Tony Lin
    Tony Lin7 dager siden

    Fat neek

  • Malique SZN
    Malique SZN8 dager siden

    imagine ksi liking my comment

  • Malique SZN
    Malique SZN8 dager siden

    Hi jj

  • FN relief
    FN relief8 dager siden

    9:40 i believed in u LETS GO. congratulations you fatkneek

  • XxX1void1XxX
    XxX1void1XxX11 dager siden

    1:05 tell me that JJ knows who snoop dog is

  • Some Dude550
    Some Dude55011 dager siden

    1:35 wholesome moment 🥺

  • Liam Taylor
    Liam Taylor11 dager siden

    1:04 tf how you not knowing who snoop dogg is

  • Rubbilz
    Rubbilz13 dager siden

    get hyper bandicam and reveal what harry said and it'll give you a bigger beard trust me

  • Santana Jenkins
    Santana Jenkins15 dager siden

    KSI IS 27?????

  • Ace
    Ace19 dager siden

    I swear to god that ace wasn’t me

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G24 dager siden

    Can i have the saxophone 😊

  • LazyKidz
    LazyKidz25 dager siden

    When he did the yoo in the beginning it felt like I was back in 2015 😣

  • Fulltimeminecraftyoutuber
    Fulltimeminecraftyoutuber29 dager siden

    Comma Sava chomamama

  • TRAP
    TRAPMåned siden

    just here to say you’ve surpassed alex wassabi

  • Logical Muffin
    Logical MuffinMåned siden

    i forgot what i wanted to comment

  • shane azykel ago
    shane azykel agoMåned siden

    Use me - KSI (JJ OLantunji)1:33

  • Andres Esquivel
    Andres EsquivelMåned siden

    Pewdiepie makes like 50 million a year Also pewdiepie:"$200 that's so expensive"

  • Grxx_Cloudsy
    Grxx_CloudsyMåned siden

    6:48 We found him!! 😂🤣

  • Tymoteusz Wojciechowski
    Tymoteusz WojciechowskiMåned siden

    0:59 i really cant believe he said it

  • William Isringhouse
    William IsringhouseMåned siden

    JJ : “You can do anything, you only live once” Me : *robs the local goodwill and kfc*

    PO1SON 1VANMåned siden

    7:01 For the lazy ones

  • Grosley Lue A King
    Grosley Lue A KingMåned siden

    Nah nah nah jj you on Pauls song is better you twat🤣🤣

  • Mike Tubman
    Mike TubmanMåned siden

    The venomous duckling fourthly spray because event interstingly force on a tacky wren. righteous, jumpy lock

  • Sergio Kitchens
    Sergio KitchensMåned siden

    you know pewdie is racist right?

    T0S ALPHAMåned siden

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that he doesn't know who snoop dogg is?



    Måned siden

    0:58 keep listening

  • SfSafc


    Måned siden


  • Sushie- vibe
    Sushie- vibeMåned siden

    CANCEL 4 4XD!!!!!

  • Jj Ruiz
    Jj RuizMåned siden

    What happens to the prank

  • Xhampiero Hoxha
    Xhampiero HoxhaMåned siden

    This is my first time seeing jj with no bandana

  • Zeek
    ZeekMåned siden

    Pewdiepie reacts to JJ JJ reacts back Pewds reacts back to that of him reacting to JJ JJ reacting to pewds react to him react to pewds reacting to JJ PEWDS REACTING TO JJ REACTING TO HIM REACTING TO JJ REACTING TO PEWDS REACTING TO JJ

  • Dr Mikias
    Dr MikiasMåned siden

    JJ please 🙏🙏🙏 React To Ethiopian Music Please Links Here Original Video👉 Concert Video

  • Abdul Dawood
    Abdul DawoodMåned siden

    I tried to look like uub hahahahhahaahhaahhahhahaha OMG

  • hi i am sombra from overwatch
    hi i am sombra from overwatchMåned siden


  • The Big Eon
    The Big EonMåned siden


    SHIVAM IYERMåned siden

    JJ is basically london ka majun bhai

  • xKevinKillzx
    xKevinKillzxMåned siden


  • DeathBunny
    DeathBunnyMåned siden

    JJ has the nose of a minecraft villager.

  • kushal T.M
    kushal T.MMåned siden

    Hello jj

  • kdan_ 7
    kdan_ 7Måned siden

    I’m successful at being shit

  • Nick Gold
    Nick GoldMåned siden

    Penguins On The Moon 🐧

  • Smonik Pathak
    Smonik PathakMåned siden

    Ya got ur 600k

  • Sadeq Almagsosi
    Sadeq AlmagsosiMåned siden

    Ksi pp

  • GruNotFound.
    GruNotFound.Måned siden

    Already surpassed Alex wasabi

  • MC
    MCMåned siden

    1:39 Hit different with that laugh

  • BayernFan and LiverpoolFan 2
    BayernFan and LiverpoolFan 22 måneder siden

    Mo thanks for editing the video.

  • heve bro
    heve bro2 måneder siden

    wait jj is not verified

  • andyr roopram
    andyr roopram2 måneder siden

    No bandana song is lit.

  • Jeremy Stones
    Jeremy Stones2 måneder siden

    Guys... its Christmas Eve what’s gon happen

  • andyr roopram

    andyr roopram

    2 måneder siden

    He dropped his track with no bandana

  • gswati14
    gswati142 måneder siden

    As if u need £200 after stealing £93000 from Vikk

  • A Nonny’s Moose
    A Nonny’s Moose2 måneder siden

    2:20 that was dumb, but I do like that they are acting out that one idle animation from tekken.

  • Gung i
    Gung i2 måneder siden

    Nice vid

  • Angad Singh
    Angad Singh2 måneder siden

    JJ asking who is Snoop Dogg 😂

  • Taxable_ Trophy
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  • Taxable_ Trophy
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  • Rahim O'Dwyer
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  • synzy Fn
    synzy Fn2 måneder siden

    He has a big ass forhead 😂😂😂

  • andyr roopram

    andyr roopram

    2 måneder siden

    His new song with it is lit tho

  • Deathnight_ Doof
    Deathnight_ Doof2 måneder siden

    man said uub from dbz . JJ uub is from dragon ball gt

  • Marc
    Marc2 måneder siden

    YOOOOO ALEX WASSABI AT 11.5M And we are so close cmon guys!!

    THADZ2 måneder siden

    10:53 guys look!! It's the fucking Tattletales in class. Its the ones that always say everything and every shit to teachers even though the boys was just doing Banter. I hate them so much

  • Ashley J
    Ashley J2 måneder siden


  • andyr roopram

    andyr roopram

    2 måneder siden

    Bruh. today is Christmas. It already droped

  • Ashley J
    Ashley J2 måneder siden

    LOL Let's be real here. KSI tries to make sure not to say anything that could get him a lot of shit on reddit. Yet, still here we are with bad ass reddit videos lmfao.

  • Sanjay K.S
    Sanjay K.S2 måneder siden

    How does jj have less subs that wassabi lol

  • The Fat man
    The Fat man2 måneder siden


  • Jiyū


    6 dager siden

    @andyr roopram in the second Batman meme it is

  • andyr roopram

    andyr roopram

    2 måneder siden

    That aint snoop dog

  • Razor
    Razor2 måneder siden

    The grade “Special”

  • レロレロレロ
    レロレロレロ2 måneder siden

    Can someone give me the link to this magnificent thing 2:20

  • Joe Platt
    Joe Platt2 måneder siden

    How did that guy not expect a copyright strike on that KSI video looooool

  • Hadrian Wong
    Hadrian Wong2 måneder siden

    Jj doesn’t recognise Snoop Dogg in a batman suit...

  • Jim Ledford Heitz
    Jim Ledford Heitz2 måneder siden

    he said he is a small youtuber........ bruv u got 11.4 mil subscribers and i only got 1 twitch follower -_- lmao

  • Navnidhi Hada
    Navnidhi Hada2 måneder siden

    Someone tell him he can see his movie now

  • Real3D —
    Real3D —2 måneder siden

    It’s a gaming channel that I’m expecting

  • José Manuel Díaz García
    José Manuel Díaz García2 måneder siden


  • Tee Ohbee
    Tee Ohbee2 måneder siden

    8:22 But Banksy is already in disguise 🤔

  • My Sexy Booty Here: myvdeos•com
    My Sexy Booty Here: myvdeos•com2 måneder siden

    The video is very amazing and very action

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  • JJ Sneed
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  • JJ Sneed
    JJ Sneed2 måneder siden

    12:57 gets me every time

  • Nobles
    Nobles2 måneder siden

    RIP pewdiepie: Pewdiepie jumps in lava

  • Crushed Avocado
    Crushed Avocado2 måneder siden

    I just got fucking Rick rolled by Rick Astley vevo as an ad in this video and it hurts me in more ways than just physical.

  • Brian Adobo boy
    Brian Adobo boy2 måneder siden

    Fat neek

  • Ertiza Jowdat
    Ertiza Jowdat2 måneder siden

    Deji and jj scary game = my perfect Christmas gift

  • Lyndon Mensah-Cooley
    Lyndon Mensah-Cooley2 måneder siden

    the fresh out of london mix was heat

  • LoLa Reese
    LoLa Reese2 måneder siden

    at 2:42 I literally died and then came back- bye lmaoooo

  • darwin spencer
    darwin spencer2 måneder siden

    i haven't activated windows and my computer is over 3 years old now

  • among ssj
    among ssj2 måneder siden

    guys, guys, u need to pause the vid at 2:42 and look at jj in the weebcam

  • Ammar Almesmari
    Ammar Almesmari2 måneder siden

    nah man you cant stop there keep it going fam

  • Nikhilesh Shandave Dass
    Nikhilesh Shandave Dass2 måneder siden

    I just watched it last night...

  • Idlir Limllari
    Idlir Limllari2 måneder siden


  • Naqi Niazi
    Naqi Niazi2 måneder siden

    y duz jj laugh at everything😂

  • Haro
    Haro2 måneder siden

    I expected an "i was a loser janitor(dax ref) and still a loser but rich"

  • LakeAmaze
    LakeAmaze2 måneder siden

    Crazy how the person that keeps me happy doesn't even know it😔

  • Holy Kirby
    Holy Kirby2 måneder siden

    I saw add that say pen15 what do dat men

  • AvatarSebas ,
    AvatarSebas ,2 måneder siden

    pewds is the peter to jj’s miles morales

  • Ali Harkous
    Ali Harkous2 måneder siden

    Why did you delete the” I found a good Jake Paul Disstrack” that was soooo fun... plz get it back

  • Brady Norton
    Brady Norton2 måneder siden

    He's got a big present for Christmas day.. Belle Delphine drops her porno on Christmas day.. Coincidence?