Paying Money Everytime I Laugh


New song with Anne Marie & DFA -


  • Tolbzter
    Tolbzter4 minutter siden

    Thanks for including me in the video JJ! (Juice WRLD poster guy)

  • Aaran Pande
    Aaran Pande2 timer siden

    Just ask him to say woooootah

  • Musa Gaming
    Musa Gaming4 timer siden

    i love you jj but dont be rude to fans

  • Enrique Enriquez
    Enrique Enriquez4 timer siden

    Sugunda? Yea sugunda des nuts.

  • Mekhi Srey
    Mekhi Srey5 timer siden

    There was so many Jew jokes and people trying so hard...the only one that got me was the power point 🤣🤣😭

  • Itz Tee
    Itz Tee9 timer siden

    5:35 I was dying 😭😭😭

  • Prakhar Gupta
    Prakhar Gupta11 timer siden

    Stop with the racist jokes. It even makes jj sad

  • Evan Philpott
    Evan Philpott14 timer siden

    He's rich so

  • Is Ssss
    Is Ssss14 timer siden

    Muslim and I laughed my ass off at 6:55

  • Lumk 12
    Lumk 1215 timer siden

    Why is their 666k likes wtf

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor15 timer siden

    Good amount of likes

  • Liano #LS
    Liano #LS16 timer siden

    666k likes uliminatie

    JTYTTV19 timer siden

    Anti semetism racism and islamophobia is supposed to be funny? I have bad taste in humour then if that’s the case

  • Wesley Aberdeen Hunter
    Wesley Aberdeen Hunter21 time siden


  • Jekku
    JekkuDag siden

    Such generic UK accent 4:01

  • Marvel_ Psycho123
    Marvel_ Psycho123Dag siden

    soo... my dad died

  • Kai Armstrong
    Kai ArmstrongDag siden

    Kai little kid on SoundCloud is fire

  • Cayden Teel
    Cayden TeelDag siden

    As soon as I clicked on this vid the first thing I noticed was that the likes are at 666k

  • confusion
    confusionDag siden


  • Anthony Orta
    Anthony OrtaDag siden


  • Eftekhar Mohammed,
    Eftekhar Mohammed,Dag siden


  • Potatoez YT
    Potatoez YT2 dager siden

    I swear the kid at 9:27 be looking like simon with a big forehead

  • Keevy Chester
    Keevy Chester2 dager siden

    we actually might hit 1 million likes

  • James Payne
    James Payne2 dager siden

    Guy: "wanna see a picture of Jake Paul?" Shows arse Me: well he ain't wrong

  • David Pulgari
    David Pulgari2 dager siden

    Everyone should just show their batty to Ksi

  • harvey
    harvey2 dager siden


  • DutchBroKavin
    DutchBroKavin2 dager siden

    That you know JJ

  • DutchBroKavin
    DutchBroKavin2 dager siden

    Lol JJ

  • mohammad jaber
    mohammad jaber2 dager siden

    7:05 u didn't have to show that i think😳😠

  • Bene
    Bene2 dager siden

    Most of these are so bad that I feel like I am a funny person.

  • playz
    playz3 dager siden

    Sagunda these nutz was jokes man lmao

  • Brutus TheBoT
    Brutus TheBoT3 dager siden

    Me:my dad died 😭 Ksi:hahahah

  • EBG- Trick
    EBG- Trick3 dager siden

    JJ:If i get 1 mil likes ill do it again Me:Makes 300k different accounts just so i can be in the video

  • Sergio Santos
    Sergio Santos3 dager siden

    My dad died

  • Dxwn ツ
    Dxwn ツ3 dager siden


  • Mikkel Haahr
    Mikkel Haahr3 dager siden

    14:17 is this Tobi in day mode?

  • Elliot Ness
    Elliot Ness3 dager siden

    Guy laughs at a couple of racist jokes on old videos then just gets bombarded with racist jokes...shit what’s wrong with people

  • Cristy Lopez sierra
    Cristy Lopez sierra3 dager siden

    The first thing jj laughs at

  • Daren Rakovsky
    Daren Rakovsky3 dager siden

    He also almost got a million likes tho

  • Dem Lem
    Dem Lem3 dager siden

    At 5:00 ksi turns into his old nonce form

  • Yousef TheArker
    Yousef TheArker4 dager siden

    7:03 i wanna know what this guyz discord is i swear dudddde

  • inukgamer123
    inukgamer1234 dager siden

    It's not JJ,it's co Sah la jee

  • Jacob Bateman
    Jacob Bateman4 dager siden

    15 minutes of time waisted lmao

  • Itzspeedy YT ._.
    Itzspeedy YT ._.4 dager siden

    WillNE copied your video and didn’t even credit you

  • the tomato
    the tomato4 dager siden

    1 mil ez

  • Maximus
    Maximus4 dager siden


  • Owen Studley
    Owen Studley4 dager siden

    9:15 *insert what did he say meme*

  • shftyy
    shftyy4 dager siden

    You laughed 3:10

  • Just Facts
    Just Facts4 dager siden

    more than 8 cause my basement is still dark was witty

  • OWOMI Graphic
    OWOMI Graphic4 dager siden

    Why Logan Paul is watching

  • Chroma Gaming
    Chroma Gaming5 dager siden

    what happened to his mic?

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming5 dager siden

    How are you doing, KSI fans?

  • Towerphynx


    15 timer siden


  • Gumz


    Dag siden

    @EsFlawless You Not Rockin With Fierce Peter Gaming ⁉️

  • Hoodie


    2 dager siden

    I am doing splendid my good sir

  • EsFlawless


    2 dager siden

    shut up fam

  • EBG- Trick

    EBG- Trick

    3 dager siden

    shit,because life

  • iworshipJuicewrld
    iworshipJuicewrld5 dager siden


  • idk and idc
    idk and idc5 dager siden

    when the guy said his dad died i laughed immediately then Jj laughed which made my laughter go through the roof 💀💀

  • Carlos Pimentel
    Carlos Pimentel5 dager siden

    if ksi can take dark humor dis would of been even more funny

  • A based waffen

    A based waffen

    4 dager siden

    He can take dark humour, he just doesn’t want to get cancelled.

  • Qt_ Gamer
    Qt_ Gamer5 dager siden

    Don’t laugh says ksi not even 2 minutes in laughs at a dead dog

  • Jamie Sugar
    Jamie Sugar5 dager siden

    when they laugh at there own joke it makes it 10x worse

  • Cooper Smith
    Cooper Smith5 dager siden

    I wonder how Mo felt editing that kids magic trick LMFAO

  • F1 Drizzy
    F1 Drizzy5 dager siden


  • gxdtrollz
    gxdtrollz5 dager siden

    Video idea - one question go but jj cant say no ?

  • arnav
    arnav5 dager siden

    Ksi in his don't laugh videos : laughs like a crazy man Ksi in this video where money is involved :

    JAN PLAYS6 dager siden

    Logan pool 🏊‍♀️

  • Donyea Walker
    Donyea Walker6 dager siden

    Jj please never do this again

  • Backyard Bros
    Backyard Bros6 dager siden

    The button mashing guy had me😂😂😂"You see, my names Logan, thats already a loss,"😂 the funniest part is the way he looks at him😂

  • Wrath
    Wrath6 dager siden

    Bro like i don't want to be offensive or whatever but mah white ppl man... your jokes are weak ! ( hindi ppl too ! ) at least one or two made up !

  • Mahdi Lamghari
    Mahdi Lamghari6 dager siden

    ksi in make me laugh: kalm ksi in every normal video: laugh at every two second

  • Subhan Memeti
    Subhan Memeti6 dager siden

    9:15 simon??

  • Sammy Shellard
    Sammy Shellard6 dager siden

    Idea for JJ, do a one question go but the moment somone joins he starts laughing and keeps going till it gets beyond awkward

  • Comic Wonder
    Comic Wonder6 dager siden

  • Tiber Septim
    Tiber Septim6 dager siden

    3:15 3:30 3:40

  • Husain Ali
    Husain Ali6 dager siden

    making fun of muslims what do you think will happen if we all ate halal. exactly you will regret making fun of them

  • Mateusz
    Mateusz6 dager siden

    3:10 he laughed

  • onion
    onion6 dager siden

    Being bankrupt

  • Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson6 dager siden

    Anyone see the jack in the back

  • Abdulelah Ghalib
    Abdulelah Ghalib6 dager siden

    7:05 It’s not even fucking funny this is racism

  • Yvng_Sports_Reporter
    Yvng_Sports_Reporter6 dager siden

    Put the clip at 3:09 and Ksi laughs I don't think he counted it...🤣🤣🤣

  • Yvng_Sports_Reporter


    6 dager siden

    And again at 6:33 and the first laugh was at 3:10

  • Yvng_Sports_Reporter
    Yvng_Sports_Reporter6 dager siden

    Ksi laughed wow

  • NotSniperz
    NotSniperz6 dager siden

    Man that boy is racist islamophobic

  • Joker2the2clown
    Joker2the2clown6 dager siden

    Damn dude I’m sorry jj some of those people are just so thirsty for attention

  • Ibrahimovic Zlatan
    Ibrahimovic Zlatan7 dager siden

    7:00 There is no place for racism

  • Garrett Pauley
    Garrett Pauley7 dager siden

    I hope the person who said Kobe didn’t stick the landing dies in a plane

  • rafay rafay
    rafay rafay7 dager siden

    that was it lol

  • Lagod
    Lagod7 dager siden


  • purple m
    purple m7 dager siden

    6:59 is way too far😃

  • Unknown
    Unknown7 dager siden

    10:03 is the best 😭

  • KingbumiGamingYT
    KingbumiGamingYT7 dager siden

    Are you Nigerian ?

  • Abdallah Saba
    Abdallah Saba7 dager siden

    Funniest bit at 10:00

  • The-specialist-H
    The-specialist-H7 dager siden

    Buy new mic

  • Vegan Motive
    Vegan Motive7 dager siden

    How much u charge to promote my channel?

  • S.Mugunth varsan
    S.Mugunth varsan7 dager siden

    I like seeing you empty your valet

    SHADOW PLAYZ7 dager siden

    That pikachu joke was allright

  • Brisable
    Brisable8 dager siden

    New title: I lost all my money in 5 minutes.

  • Loki Din
    Loki Din8 dager siden

    Someone says a racist joke Muslims: thats so racist Jews: first time

  • Jace
    Jace8 dager siden

    I think the only good thing was that JJ didn't go bankrupt

  • Divyansh Tripathi
    Divyansh Tripathi8 dager siden


  • Charlie Bases
    Charlie Bases8 dager siden

    y u gotta go so hard on Jews man. at least apologise on behalf of non-jews

  • Sherri Sterling
    Sherri Sterling8 dager siden

    Me over here tryna catch up, Jj your fucking

    YVNG JAY8 dager siden

    I love all the vids buh These is dead bru😭😭😂

  • Tarik Usanovic
    Tarik Usanovic8 dager siden

    Im a muslim and jj is my g respect

  • XaviBoiBeats
    XaviBoiBeats8 dager siden

    10:06 sounds like joe weller?