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  • Feested
    FeestedDag siden

    My man wassabi still on 11.5 Mil after 1+ month: 😐

  • Ethan G
    Ethan G2 dager siden

    If there were only 20 more seconds in this vid

  • Harry Martinez
    Harry Martinez4 dager siden

    Like it how this vid has 420k likes

  • Beef
    Beef7 dager siden

    in a month jj gained a million subscribers, and alex wassabi only gained 100k

  • Edward Harrison
    Edward Harrison7 dager siden


  • Jnicks07 on epic
    Jnicks07 on epic8 dager siden

    I subbed to the 6 sec vid guy instantly super speed

  • Jordan Blain
    Jordan Blain8 dager siden

    Srry jj but what is you getting exposed

  • Gabriel Sandoval
    Gabriel Sandoval16 dager siden

    Can you help us out by putting a bounty on Jake Paul 👌🏿☠️🔫

  • Ciaran Costelloe
    Ciaran Costelloe16 dager siden

    WHO IS HEAR 2022

  • mcboy 124
    mcboy 12417 dager siden

    the shitist year foreveryone besides 2018 for me because I had scurvy

  • D_I _A_ß
    D_I _A_ß17 dager siden

    “I go ham in January “

  • Hope Kayl
    Hope Kayl18 dager siden

    You should react to get a new hobby fail army

    LORD OF CLASH19 dager siden

    Should have made the video 20:20 long

  • badduncan epic
    badduncan epic21 dag siden

    me watching jj s videos all of them have a moment where you can see bandicam this 1 is at 6:44

  • ghost 24z
    ghost 24z24 dager siden

    I'm surprised he Neva reacted to Logan tune

  • hunter
    hunter25 dager siden

    do it on a sunday lane relaisit on a nother sunday

  • Ateeb 16
    Ateeb 1627 dager siden

    Wow this never happened

  • GeorgeC24
    GeorgeC2428 dager siden


  • - MaybeANoob -
    - MaybeANoob -Måned siden

    lol bandicam logo on bottom left 6:44

  • TRN NCliption
    TRN NCliptionMåned siden

    Wow fatneek just gained 100k in one day

  • Divine 59
    Divine 59Måned siden

    Is no one going to talk about 14:42

  • Dynamo Playzz
    Dynamo PlayzzMåned siden

    that bandicam at 6:43 bottom left lookin fresh

  • Dtorres115
    Dtorres115Måned siden

    "Even if I'm depressed or like hating life, I can always laugh at some dumb shit" - KSI 2020 Same here bro, thanks for making me laugh 💯🙏

  • Steven croucher Speaking
    Steven croucher SpeakingMåned siden

    Still fat !

  • Steven croucher Speaking
    Steven croucher SpeakingMåned siden

    Check again fam

  • nyc now
    nyc nowMåned siden

    Yooooooo that ikea one was so good 😂

  • Free Robux
    Free RobuxMåned siden

    JJ: I tend to have a break in December and go ham in january Me: Well that was a fucking lie

  • Aiden Boi
    Aiden BoiMåned siden

    This is one of your best vids

  • Zuhair Eyad

    Zuhair Eyad

    26 dager siden


  • Theory gam3r
    Theory gam3rMåned siden

    Wait a min y is his golden plaque blurred out in the bottom right corner

  • Boys_vt
    Boys_vtMåned siden

    5:54 I'ill laugh with you too

    KINGPOO5 GAMINGMåned siden

    Thogden commented

  • George Saab
    George SaabMåned siden

    "GoiNg HaM iN JanUaRy" well that was a fucking lie

  • Roman Hughes
    Roman HughesMåned siden

    I’m subbed on this channel I’ve never even seen a vid on his main channel

  • Dustin Perez
    Dustin PerezMåned siden

    I know that he is really coughing, but I like to think that he’s making a Covid joke

  • BADSHAh GaMing
    BADSHAh GaMingMåned siden

    18:42 why not queen

  • BADSHAh GaMing
    BADSHAh GaMingMåned siden

    17:06 why not she?

  • BADSHAh GaMing
    BADSHAh GaMingMåned siden

    6:42 why not woman?

  • Moussa Miller
    Moussa MillerMåned siden

    It’s possible for sidemen Sunday’s to be filmed on a Sunday. They can film next weeks sidemen Sunday on the Sunday from the week before

  • Moussa Miller

    Moussa Miller

    Måned siden

    @zaid khan ik

  • zaid khan

    zaid khan

    Måned siden

    Its filmed on wednesdays

  • Nadine Chang
    Nadine ChangMåned siden

    Oh but imagine watching this in 2021

  • eween
    eweenMåned siden

    is that natural daylight?

  • Abdulmalik Muhammed
    Abdulmalik MuhammedMåned siden

    if you are down to help us with any thing then go baldski

  • King Gam3ing
    King Gam3ingMåned siden

    6:44 bandicam

  • Habiibii_7
    Habiibii_7Måned siden

    I was really looking at the video thinking summat is off. But I just couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Until it hit me. The CURTAINS/BLINDS. Damn his room looking hella bright 😂😂

  • MrDuckKing
    MrDuckKingMåned siden

    19:59 time will tell

  • Fla5h Slayz
    Fla5h SlayzMåned siden

    The VIdeo Should have been 20:20

  • David. L
    David. LMåned siden

    I'm sorry but 5:07. That's sick! Why r u still wearing bandana JJ that looks badass!

  • Drew Ferguson
    Drew FergusonMåned siden

    The windows killed me 😂

  • GreenAgent727
    GreenAgent727Måned siden

    Would’ve been good if the video was 20:20 long, only 20 seconds short

  • PrimePlayz
    PrimePlayzMåned siden

    ksi and logan paul wanted to have peace with each other in the fight so tehy hugged to see what it felt for a black and a white man to hug

  • civic2006houston
    civic2006houstonMåned siden

    JJ: It’s taking so long Me: At least it’s not a cube

  • Marian Jones
    Marian JonesMåned siden

    Vi egsact seim wei iw fat nic

  • Marian Jones
    Marian JonesMåned siden

    JJ iw trai tw cut ei painapl in vi seim wei in ynder 5 m el bet 1000 iw can't dwi in 20 m in vi sei wei

  • Billbob joe
    Billbob joeMåned siden

    JJ: 2021 cant get any worse tht 2020 was- Destiney: NOT SO FAST BITCHES top headline 2021: JAKE PAUL KNOCKS OUT KSI IN FIGHT reddit shit posters: Ight let fire up the ol' laptop and meme making software-

  • Soldier
    SoldierMåned siden

    6:43 2nd app in left bottom corner *BANDI CAM* 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Emithis
    EmithisMåned siden

    6:44, do I see bandicam.

  • Miguelito
    MiguelitoMåned siden

    How in tf is JJ’s gf handling my guys loud ass laughter 😂😂😂

  • Yeet of Tee
    Yeet of TeeMåned siden

    i want grodan Ramsey to cut a pineapple and jj tell him that that's the wrong way

  • YahBoyAuggie
    YahBoyAuggieMåned siden


  • cynx
    cynxMåned siden

    It’s fucking 2021 what’s the fucking point of 2020 and 2020 is like fucking doo doo 💩

  • Alfie Caws lovelace
    Alfie Caws lovelaceMåned siden

    A million quid would help out

  • Samuel Andary
    Samuel AndaryMåned siden

    11:55 bandicam in bottom 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tanner Fontenot
    Tanner FontenotMåned siden

    Ra, the KSI stops Covid-19 is straight jokes.

  • Shem Ndashimye
    Shem NdashimyeMåned siden

    He was quite nervous to record this with his girl in the back it feels like.

  • Shem Ndashimye
    Shem NdashimyeMåned siden

    Such a shame us the fan base are so invasive. If we weren’t, who knows, Jj might not be hiding his girl from us.

  • Orisha Eshu
    Orisha EshuMåned siden

    2020 was actually my best year. Am I...... human?

  • Tristan.
    Tristan.Måned siden


  • Tanner Fontenot
    Tanner FontenotMåned siden

    5:10, If you follow ceotunde on Instagram, he sold his page and this was the new guys seconds post.

  • Hamza Aljulany
    Hamza AljulanyMåned siden

    JJ hasn't been active in jan :(

  • Bellski Jr
    Bellski JrMåned siden

    Now we know why his curtains are missing, because they are in the new house

  • Abdirashid Jama
    Abdirashid JamaMåned siden

    JJ if u actually read your comments, give me all your consoles lol

  • SPsantax
    SPsantaxMåned siden

    I like how it’s 20 minutes and the last vid of 2020

  • Chance Wren
    Chance WrenMåned siden

    Jake paul is morgz if ur not 9

  • Virtual Panda
    Virtual PandaMåned siden

    You missed the chance to make this video 20 seconds longer (20:20)

  • Dr Mikias
    Dr MikiasMåned siden

    JJ please 🙏🙏🙏 React To Ethiopian Music Please Links Here Original Video👉 Concert Video

  • JTDog_9
    JTDog_9Måned siden

    JJ u should of made the video 20:20 u were 20 seconds off

  • itzEplays
    itzEplaysMåned siden

    what happened to jjs girlfriend??

  • KEZ
    KEZMåned siden


  • An Intellectual
    An IntellectualMåned siden

    The funny thing about the "watching jake paul till i cringe" is that the intro takes up 2 seconds

  • yasio bolo
    yasio boloMåned siden

    I think I wanna leave a voicemail ????

  • Ant 123
    Ant 123Måned siden

    You know it’s funny when he starts choking

  • Berto Baggins
    Berto BagginsMåned siden

    he has something in his teeth

  • Sz_ Hoddie
    Sz_ HoddieMåned siden

    My life’s ruined I belived it was always Sunday

  • DrektonhawkPlayz
    DrektonhawkPlayzMåned siden

    Why is his play button blured?

  • Laurence Narte
    Laurence NarteMåned siden

    How did he come up with the word "FITNEEK"??

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    Måned siden

    i love his laugh

  • flourFN
    flourFNMåned siden

    wheres the waves

  • Josh Curtis
    Josh CurtisMåned siden

    Jj if u read this it's also due to the fact ur 27 u been doing this for whT 10 12 years so yeah ur right u have more expensive sorta than her

  • Shaheed Khan
    Shaheed KhanMåned siden

    That banana does wonders 🤔what do you think

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboiMåned siden

    Did anyone else cringe when JJ said "back to being manly" 🤣🤣

  • Macdonald Nnadi
    Macdonald NnadiMåned siden

    “That banana does wonders” -JJ 2020

  • Joosep Eha
    Joosep EhaMåned siden

    Fuck I saw my last and hoped you'll quit and go box Jake or smth

  • 14 Muffins
    14 MuffinsMåned siden

    9:55 or open your window and take a walk out of it

  • TobyTube
    TobyTubeMåned siden


  • TobyTube
    TobyTubeMåned siden

    And it’s 20 minutes long :0

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    Måned siden

    Did anyone else cringe when JJ said "back to being manly" 🤣🤣

  • WarShadow
    WarShadowMåned siden

    Anyone notice that blur in the bottom right of the screen? At the beginning of the video?

  • Fighterlm 1234
    Fighterlm 1234Måned siden


  • Yeray Serrano
    Yeray SerranoMåned siden

    Lmao 11:55 he really has bandicam

  • Nisan Pun
    Nisan PunMåned siden

    JJ please react on rebirth unique poet

  • tamuna dvalishvili
    tamuna dvalishviliMåned siden

    6:44 look at the left below there is a bandicam logo too no just in the second video we didn't notice

  • QualtZy
    QualtZyMåned siden

    me: looks at thumbnail also me: wait...KSI joined FaZe?

  • Destroyer Goku
    Destroyer GokuMåned siden

    Your missing 20 seconds of the video to make it 20:20