Is Anne Marie My Secret Girlfriend?


New song with Anne Marie & DFA -


  • Psych
    Psych48 minutter siden

    Mom - go play with neighbours kid Neighbours kid - 12:16

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter GriffinTime siden

    The highlight of the video 6:04

  • Jos Jerey
    Jos Jerey2 timer siden

    JJ: **vibin to a song** Also JJ: having a seizure

  • Fernando Sandoval
    Fernando Sandoval2 timer siden

    3:50-3:53 never ever have I’ve been more happy to see jjs face 😭😂

  • Lil E
    Lil E3 timer siden

    2:25 that part Scared me laughing like he wants to kill someone/Jp

  • Ashton Singleton
    Ashton Singleton3 timer siden


  • Parth Agarwal
    Parth Agarwal4 timer siden

    5:45 He laughed so hard that I thought he was angry lol

  • Youssef M
    Youssef M7 timer siden

    Imagine jj gf decides finally to watch jj videos and she picks this one

  • Tri Tran
    Tri Tran9 timer siden

    I love how he gets bully so much by his reddit, that everytime he said a joke, he have to classify that it is a joke.

  • findabird74
    findabird749 timer siden

    That wasn't a powerbomb, looked more like a spinebuster

  • Aaron
    Aaron9 timer siden

    Bro I get how neo feels

  • The Goose
    The Goose10 timer siden

    If anyone makes a Reddit post using 6:25 and that one guy who’s always like “get me that ___” but sir “GET ME THAT ___” I will personally buy you a beer

  • Dat goat
    Dat goat10 timer siden

    WTF is this video

  • Kyle D great Doman
    Kyle D great Doman11 timer siden

    that baldski though🤣

  • Saif Khan
    Saif Khan14 timer siden

    6:04, 9:35, 11:14 for hamsters

  • JamHat
    JamHat14 timer siden

    Hey just, just to make you uncomfortable I’m here to let you know every famous person has a rule 34. That most likely includes you aswell 😊

  • What are Looking at?
    What are Looking at?15 timer siden

    2:04 had us the first half😭😭😭😭

  • Fluid Exe
    Fluid Exe15 timer siden

    wait is he actually circumcised?

  • RayTheBeast
    RayTheBeast16 timer siden

    jj doing anne mari's verse:bad me: *thinking* wish dont play

  • RayTheBeast
    RayTheBeast16 timer siden

    "diamond, why do i always say diamond" too much minecraft mate

  • ITZ T.j.M
    ITZ T.j.M16 timer siden

    6:50 hilarious 😂

  • ThePlayer 389
    ThePlayer 38918 timer siden

    SICKO MODE: 6:20 XD

  • AJSTL Life
    AJSTL LifeDag siden

    4:13 negro titan

  • Irini Korontzi
    Irini KorontziDag siden

    jj: calls neo fat neo: starts running to lose weight also jj: why are you running, why are you running

  • Termin-Plays


    4 timer siden

    Please Give Me Timeline

  • c7e
    c7eDag siden

    11:15 you didn’t finish all the slides broski

  • Spider Man
    Spider ManDag siden

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Ksi: BIG FATTY BUM BUM!

  • David Rodriguez
    David RodriguezDag siden

    Good thing that I don’t know haw to make memes

  • XxWJ474xX XxWJ474xX
    XxWJ474xX XxWJ474xXDag siden

    At 11:37 I thought jj said shoutout to cancer lmaoo I’m dyimg

  • Gamer527 Josh
    Gamer527 JoshDag siden

    It’s a grape

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael SantosDag siden


  • Richie Li
    Richie LiDag siden

    nobody: jj: 0:08 *SPIT*

  • Matthew Cieciura
    Matthew Cieciura2 dager siden

    Respect for the guy that sings songs in his car, what a legend

  • Roan Lawrence
    Roan Lawrence2 dager siden

    Is I one the best NOlocal

  • Carly Houston
    Carly Houston2 dager siden


  • Unknown Dark wrestling
    Unknown Dark wrestling2 dager siden

    Love to see more read it vids

  • Tlow
    Tlow2 dager siden

    12:07 my man went full on harambe mode

  • bernardino portillo
    bernardino portillo2 dager siden

    honestly, them laughing bring laughter to my day. to me, it sounds like kids having the time of their life which makes me laugh.

  • orkun Kurul
    orkun Kurul2 dager siden

    I wish there was a Turkish translation

  • Shahadat Hussain
    Shahadat Hussain2 dager siden

    11:59 JJ😂

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah2 dager siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Unreleased Country Music
    Unreleased Country Music2 dager siden

    No one gonna talk ab the jack daniels on his bedside table 😂😂😂

  • Jamsta
    Jamsta2 dager siden

    6:35 subs on and it’s says *JJ making baby noises*😂

  • Benji Xiong
    Benji Xiong2 dager siden

    JJ pets atleast run instead of jj

  • Ģirts Ošiņš
    Ģirts Ošiņš2 dager siden

    NO NO drugs ....... i keep them away from HARRY

  • Xavier Rozario
    Xavier Rozario2 dager siden

    12: 5. Our jj finally get hyper😂

  • Chippy
    Chippy2 dager siden


  • Chippy
    Chippy2 dager siden


  • kishan kr
    kishan kr2 dager siden

    Mate we need Babatunde

  • Stephen Pierce
    Stephen Pierce2 dager siden

    Ksi when he lost his mind 12:17

  • Yusuf Hassan
    Yusuf Hassan3 dager siden

    I’ve never seen anyone who gets gassed over his own song like KSI 😂😂

  • Md Sahil Akhtar Sheikh
    Md Sahil Akhtar Sheikh3 dager siden

    9:00 yeah we at google also use bing as our search engine

  • Square Pizza
    Square Pizza3 dager siden

    I hope she is tho

  • Drizzi Drizzi
    Drizzi Drizzi3 dager siden

    12:05 when you tell the disabled kid to rap ksi music

  • S T O N E Y

    S T O N E Y

    2 dager siden


  • Mahdi Lamghari
    Mahdi Lamghari3 dager siden

    neo has put more effort to training then deji for his fight

  • Poison Dart87
    Poison Dart873 dager siden

  • Evie Webber
    Evie Webber3 dager siden

    Jj is a vibe.

  • EpicTurbulance
    EpicTurbulance3 dager siden

    "could be a grape" let's be honest future ksi went back in time to warn him but we don't see it cause Mo would've edited it out, and it probably wasn't the first time

  • HK Keanu
    HK Keanu3 dager siden

    A Grape Fam💯🤙

  • FaZe Tahrae
    FaZe Tahrae3 dager siden

    that was adorable when neo was on the spinning wheel

    AZAN KASHIF3 dager siden

    Mad vid, By the way hello from Pakistan.

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex3 dager siden

    Plot twist 3:45 is his girlfriend 😂

  • Luks
    Luks3 dager siden

    JJ neo needs a new bigger cage at least 480 square inches and a bigger wheel, and also use paper based bedding so it doesn't get lung infection

  • Loena
    Loena3 dager siden


  • LtWolf
    LtWolf3 dager siden

    0:08 the spit went "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

  • yoyo frojo
    yoyo frojo4 dager siden

    Don't Play Remix: Uwe Baltner x KSI

  • J wal
    J wal4 dager siden

    I bet some one will make a meme about JJ asking his hamster to twerk

  • Josh Harvey

    Josh Harvey

    4 dager siden

    no they wont tho idiot

  • Saansh Shetty
    Saansh Shetty4 dager siden


  • trip dawg cosplay
    trip dawg cosplay4 dager siden

    who else couldnt help make aww noises when the hamsters came out

  • trip dawg cosplay

    trip dawg cosplay

    4 dager siden

    @Josh Harvey how am i a simp XD

  • Josh Harvey

    Josh Harvey

    4 dager siden

    i could help it simp

  • CJObsidian6
    CJObsidian64 dager siden

    I love the fact that whenever he hears some rap in general, furthermore, when he hears someone do one of his own songs, He just vibes with it sometimes even just screams at the end of each line. :D Love you KSI! thanks for the content here :)

  • inukgamer123
    inukgamer1234 dager siden

    It's not JJ,it co Sah la jee

  • reo ᴗ̈
    reo ᴗ̈4 dager siden

    we all know JJ is never getting a girlfriend

  • you're Breathtaking
    you're Breathtaking4 dager siden

    JJ: "calls neo fat" (Meanwhile Neo on the wheel) Neo: "F-f-f-fa-fa-fa-FAT I'm FAT"



    12 timer siden


  • Estella Griffiths
    Estella Griffiths4 dager siden

    Idiot: Jake Paul and Logan Paul r best name better Me: a jar of dirt

  • KD 796
    KD 7964 dager siden

  • Gannon Bledsoe
    Gannon Bledsoe4 dager siden

    Ksi getting demonitized for saying naughty words JJ: GOD DANM IT

  • Toby Robertson
    Toby Robertson4 dager siden

    RIP to headphone users

  • Saint Willz
    Saint Willz4 dager siden

    3:39 if she wears your face on her ass marry her

  • Trystan Rodger
    Trystan Rodger4 dager siden

    The way this man just described his dick to us

  • Dylan Meyers
    Dylan Meyers5 dager siden

    No worries just got to like sub and show the history

  • Mohammed Abdullah
    Mohammed Abdullah5 dager siden

    when jj says that he dont remember that he laughed with anne marie that shows he was on some shit

  • Mohammed Abdullah
    Mohammed Abdullah5 dager siden

    fam hw long has it been since tobi and ksi dn a collab

  • C-Money XD
    C-Money XD5 dager siden

    "Get Hyper" is the new Rick Roll

  • Aiden Dunsmoor
    Aiden Dunsmoor5 dager siden

    Love you JJ keep up the great content

  • Mavs Gaming
    Mavs Gaming5 dager siden

    imagine emenim comments here

  • Gabs 94
    Gabs 945 dager siden

    6:28 warning hamster porn

  • faiga sineen
    faiga sineen5 dager siden

    8:59 did he just say sidemen nudes

  • faiga sineen

    faiga sineen

    5 dager siden

    Who drugged this caprisun

  • faiga sineen
    faiga sineen5 dager siden

    He's becoming more of an asshole each day

  • Finzta
    Finzta5 dager siden

    Holy fuck

  • Lamon _muhamad
    Lamon _muhamad5 dager siden

    jj why ican downlod you video🤔 its copyright or what

  • Hello
    Hello5 dager siden


  • Alexander Diston

    Alexander Diston

    5 dager siden

    Hello Hello

  • M3_ M9
    M3_ M95 dager siden

    00:12 Anyone else saw that

  • Madz Show
    Madz Show5 dager siden

    12:22 Stop wankin to a song

  • Katie Rollason
    Katie Rollason5 dager siden

    I bet that Americans feel disappointed to be having jake or Logan supporting their country

  • Josh P
    Josh P5 dager siden

    13:26-13:31 😂😂

  • BM10BOY
    BM10BOY6 dager siden

    Me: punches the guy trying to drown my baby brother Everyone else at the baptism

  • Neil Fenech
    Neil Fenech6 dager siden

    Why does simon look like timo werner ? 🤣

  • whiteboy pnut
    whiteboy pnut6 dager siden

    Its ight if u smoke that bud. We all do it.

  • G.O.A.T M.I.L.K
    G.O.A.T M.I.L.K6 dager siden

    his laugh is contagious

  • PoloInThaPaint
    PoloInThaPaint6 dager siden

    His new house looks exactly the same HA

  • XXMatrixFlames
    XXMatrixFlames6 dager siden

    *“No my hamsters don’t do drugs I keep them away from Harry”* 😂