I Won In Among Us Without Saying Anything


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  • Tirita Bady
    Tirita Bady12 timer siden


  • kamoi tracey
    kamoi traceyDag siden

    Did any notice that when you're silent you can see people who talk alot 🤣

  • Pickle boy
    Pickle boy2 dager siden

    Did JJ ever think of typing it in chat??

  • Tyezly
    Tyezly2 dager siden

    He has to go blood😂😂

  • sarahjayne111
    sarahjayne1112 dager siden

    I love your songs and I love your videos

  • Jan Broughton
    Jan Broughton2 dager siden

    6:01 again

  • Jan Broughton
    Jan Broughton2 dager siden

    4:37 he said something

  • Aniroo
    Aniroo3 dager siden


  • haley's vlogs
    haley's vlogs5 dager siden

    u know josh is imp he cant say that his the imposter but he can type it

  • Muhammad Javaid
    Muhammad Javaid6 dager siden

    Im like shut up ethan weve heard u say he has to go blood

  • Kevin Sanchez
    Kevin Sanchez9 dager siden

    I like how he voted Harry every time😂😂

  • Griss Cortes
    Griss Cortes9 dager siden


  • Poorab N G
    Poorab N G10 dager siden

    u could have sent message in game itself

  • Protik Halder
    Protik Halder10 dager siden

    I can't play this game bcoz I have no friends :) I just see the clips and pretend to be in the lobby

  • brown smith
    brown smith11 dager siden

    Thats was hilarious hhhhh

  • Leonardomarroquin _
    Leonardomarroquin _13 dager siden

    Chat exist on among us

  • Latifa Kacha
    Latifa Kacha13 dager siden

    props to jj for shutting his mouth for 17mins

  • N bee
    N bee14 dager siden

    Guys just made my first amongus vedio Support and help me grow

  • LD Trixx
    LD Trixx15 dager siden

    Not as a joke but can someone actually tell me what jj says in the intro

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom16 dager siden

    JJ: Man literally pressed the button to let everyone know he finished tasks *2 months ago Also JJ: I just wanted to let everyone know I’m a crewmate

  • Boomak God

    Boomak God

    4 dager siden

    I meannnnn he does it for the content n it works n Ethan started something annoying but also content still it can maybe annoy some viewers

  • Afnan Uddin
    Afnan Uddin17 dager siden

    legend has it hes still saying"He has to go blood"

  • Abel Savage Army
    Abel Savage Army18 dager siden

    I don’t know if the fight will ever happen

  • Judy Robinson
    Judy Robinson19 dager siden

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  • Yad Amanj
    Yad Amanj20 dager siden

    I honestly dont know why Deji and Jj have not done an among us video or even a video together But then i think about what happened 2 years ago I honestly thought they were past that

  • Ahmad Berrou
    Ahmad Berrou21 dag siden


  • Erin Ollington
    Erin Ollington21 dag siden

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee play among us as babatunda

  • IGamerXD
    IGamerXD21 dag siden


  • Aleksander Jaruga
    Aleksander Jaruga22 dager siden

    Is it just me or is Jjs nose abnormally big

  • Tenzin Dheden
    Tenzin Dheden23 dager siden

    It's not I won it's we won

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta24 dager siden

    You could have chat

  • Eric Ruiz
    Eric Ruiz24 dager siden

    Does JJ realize that there is a chat in Among us. You are still technically not speaking. He would’ve won easier lol

  • 16Crack Unknowingly
    16Crack Unknowingly25 dager siden

    1:51 SiMOn DoNT SpEAk

  • Judy Robinson
    Judy Robinson25 dager siden

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  • Emaan FARUKI
    Emaan FARUKI26 dager siden

    2:30 Literally figured out what you were doing

  • lil trell gaming
    lil trell gaming26 dager siden

    Hahahah jj killed logen

  • Ice Breaker8963
    Ice Breaker896327 dager siden


  • DogBorgMan 999
    DogBorgMan 99927 dager siden

    the fact that they said the exact title of the video 2 mins in

  • Scepter V
    Scepter V27 dager siden

    He is speaking!

  • Arian Golaj
    Arian Golaj27 dager siden

    Is no one talking about how hefarted before the report 4:20

  • Eric Ruiz

    Eric Ruiz

    24 dager siden

    The fact that it’s at 4:20 makes it more hilarious.

  • mullins jessie
    mullins jessie28 dager siden

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  • xCriticxFN
    xCriticxFN28 dager siden

    pc or laptop users go to the start of the video and keep spamming left arrow its so funny

  • Gracie Bennett
    Gracie Bennett28 dager siden

    Wait so did vik use the sound board?

  • Athan Paul
    Athan Paul28 dager siden

    Wait but he cant say anything but he can say other words like hi woah niggaand other words he just cant say the word "anything"

    CRAZY D TVMåned siden

    GET HYPER!!!

  • rrr tyhg
    rrr tyhgMåned siden

    fuck up the shit

  • Faith D
    Faith DMåned siden

    He could of just typed it in the chat 💀

  • Anaxos
    AnaxosMåned siden

    josh is such a lad

  • Th3 Y33TED
    Th3 Y33TEDMåned siden

    If they use jester mode. Then JJ would probably win all games

  • adam nita
    adam nitaMåned siden

    9:30 bro, I felt that

  • Nicholas Mouton
    Nicholas MoutonMåned siden

    Is Ethan blood? He’s keep saying “” he has to go blood he has to go blood at 3:39

  • The Answer

    The Answer

    Måned siden

    Nicholas Mouton I don’t know if your joking

  • Mohsen4ever
    Mohsen4everMåned siden

    Where're the subtitles?

  • Reisify
    ReisifyMåned siden

    I’ve been watching KSI for a while now and he has inspired me to make my own channel and play games and I would appreciate it if you guys would possible view my channel as it would mean the world to me: nolocal.info

  • Pitzlefrap
    PitzlefrapMåned siden

    not talking doesn't mean no chatting

  • Argenis Gonzales
    Argenis GonzalesMåned siden

    Reasons why jjis best

  • Omkaar Deepak
    Omkaar DeepakMåned siden

    he shouldve used the chat

  • Grant Duddle
    Grant DuddleMåned siden


  • Charlie3Fox Cooks
    Charlie3Fox CooksMåned siden

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  • kapp kapp
    kapp kappMåned siden

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  • meeekoo jin
    meeekoo jinMåned siden

    Why does it say activate windows ???

  • AscenT Clan
    AscenT ClanMåned siden

    I would just use the chat to say what I want.

  • Preston Monthe
    Preston MontheMåned siden

    I guess ksi is the master at among us lol. He laughs to get out

  • Puffs
    PuffsMåned siden

    I woulda been lead all these guys into a teargas chamber for trying to ruin my video

  • JxshBevvz
    JxshBevvzMåned siden

    Nobody: Ethan: hE hAs tO GO bLuD!

  • Cliqthy
    CliqthyMåned siden

    Why does jj unmute when in the meeting if he’s not gonna talk anyways.....

  • Curser
    CurserMåned siden

    could'nt he just use the in game chat

  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob TurnerMåned siden

    I hate chippo with a passion

  • Wavyy
    WavyyMåned siden

    Matthew 3:2.

  • Wavyy
    WavyyMåned siden

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.

  • Julia Mahmoud
    Julia MahmoudMåned siden

    Fun fact were all watching this in 2020

  • Julia Mahmoud
    Julia MahmoudMåned siden

    Is hair tho in 0:50

  • Maananyte
    MaananyteMåned siden

    I know that i'll be mad in a lobby like that

  • Dr Mikias
    Dr MikiasMåned siden

    JJ please 🙏🙏🙏 React To Ethiopian Music Please Links Here Original Video👉nolocal.info/have/video/rX2mq52FrqN4yYw Concert Video nolocal.info/have/video/aJeXaKyL126AlJ4

  • Cobra Kai 4 ever
    Cobra Kai 4 everMåned siden


  • Vlad Stancu
    Vlad StancuMåned siden

    I won by just saying Fast

  • Xgaming
    XgamingMåned siden


  • Ikuazian
    IkuazianMåned siden

    haaaa PEACE

  • Siena Lewis
    Siena LewisMåned siden


  • bomma
    bommaMåned siden

    omg ahaha im only after watching viks vid on the soundboard

  • Gert Labuschagne
    Gert LabuschagneMåned siden

    rip KSI

  • addison Johnson
    addison JohnsonMåned siden

    I know they are the same person

  • addison Johnson
    addison JohnsonMåned siden


  • Grant Duddle
    Grant DuddleMåned siden


  • Grant Duddle
    Grant DuddleMåned siden

    why did ski just not use the among us way by like texting time way

  • Silas Clausen
    Silas ClausenMåned siden

    Next video: "among us but I only use chat to win"

  • kyra Major
    kyra MajorMåned siden

    What I heard in his intro: hbjdkgjevbhhbcsksd

  • Alter!Normality
    Alter!NormalityMåned siden

    JJ: Does task says nothing sus. Everyone else: yeahhhh its JJ

  • Rolo Rolling
    Rolo RollingMåned siden

    if i get 1000 subs in 24 hours i am doing an among us stream with the fans

  • Davis Skates
    Davis SkatesMåned siden

    bruv do u know vents exist

  • Mona Mohammed
    Mona MohammedMåned siden

    It’s true tho-

  • Mona Mohammed
    Mona MohammedMåned siden


  • Zodiac 22
    Zodiac 22Måned siden

    3:05 I heard a fart XD

  • heartjaemin


    Måned siden

    Why are you excited by that? Gay as hell

  • SquidArmy
    SquidArmyMåned siden


  • Aspcxt -_-
    Aspcxt -_-Måned siden


  • Kai Sage
    Kai SageMåned siden

    If you watched the last round from Harry's perspective he gets very scared that ksi wasn't gonna win on 3

  • JshYPlayz
    JshYPlayzMåned siden

    Lol I actually pressed play again

  • Orizon Gaming
    Orizon GamingMåned siden

    The definition of among us

  • Seth Porter
    Seth PorterMåned siden

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  • Khanya Simelane
    Khanya SimelaneMåned siden

    I really find your laugh amusing bro

  • Khanya Simelane
    Khanya SimelaneMåned siden

    What a brutal finish by Jj

  • Samura I
    Samura IMåned siden

    Your beast for me