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  • Feested
    FeestedDag siden

    Yooo I've seen the wtf sign before, a girl showed it to me and she looked pissed

  • Lukáš Herynek
    Lukáš HerynekDag siden

    14:08 cenim slovaka ve videu

  • Jossiah Clark
    Jossiah Clark3 dager siden

    7:23 when your about to 🥩🥊

  • Crocko Reptile
    Crocko Reptile5 dager siden

    Phil Mitchell is from the Soap opera Eastenders. He’s Bald and the music JJ references is the Eastenders credits

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom5 dager siden

    He still hasn’t used any of these signs on Sidemen Sunday!

  • Flxkey
    Flxkey6 dager siden

    7:24 1:00AM After NNN

  • ITZ RX
    ITZ RX6 dager siden

    Blad Ethan looks like my dad who left

  • Suhana Kumar
    Suhana Kumar7 dager siden

    What's bandicam

  • Spider-Man 123
    Spider-Man 1237 dager siden

    I think Ethan looks good bald

  • lemonMan
    lemonMan8 dager siden

    his vids are still going hard

  • Ah Yes
    Ah Yes8 dager siden

    hey u look kinda like ksi

  • Louis XD
    Louis XD9 dager siden

    Jj:old is like when your strugling to walk. Me who doesnt have a leg:seems legit

  • Katelijn Hovestad

    Katelijn Hovestad

    5 dager siden

    U alright man?

  • Odugbebe Emmanuel
    Odugbebe Emmanuel9 dager siden

    Wait...did he just say kìlodé?😳🙁😄

  • KalmoK
    KalmoK12 dager siden

    Too bad Alex didn't really quit, he just uploaded like an hour ago...

  • Jan Kortán
    Jan Kortán12 dager siden

    Ten typek jak dal s tím bandicam tak byl Slovák jestli jste si nevšimli lol

  • Jimbo0411
    Jimbo041112 dager siden

    2021 is looking very good! Boris: NO!

  • Divij Pownikar
    Divij Pownikar13 dager siden

    If anything JJ is like vegeta no specific reason 😏

  • - ArsaLan -
    - ArsaLan -13 dager siden

    1 month later, I am still waiting for pewdiepie reaction on it. : (

  • 虞鹏举
    虞鹏举15 dager siden

    i'm an ice cream cone? racist

  • _0xbadc0de#
    _0xbadc0de#16 dager siden

    13:43 What you came for

  • rootbeerbellyboy
    rootbeerbellyboy17 dager siden

    What's wrong with bandicam??

  • CloudyxGang
    CloudyxGang17 dager siden

    Him: I used to use bandicam Me: hold on zoom in right there, ok ok that’s it stop Date: 4/2/2020 Boys, we’ve done it.

  • Big Yoda
    Big Yoda17 dager siden

    3:57 bro i actually got mad

  • Muhsin Shah
    Muhsin Shah18 dager siden

    4:59 That Cat licking its ass, nearly killed me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hope Kayl
    Hope Kayl18 dager siden

    You should react to get a new hobby fail army

  • BayernFan and LiverpoolFan
    BayernFan and LiverpoolFan19 dager siden

    15:13 is the thumbnail

  • Craklaetor
    Craklaetor19 dager siden

    JJ technically already has a beard but he just cant grow it,dont be sad jj

  • Jordan Mardo
    Jordan Mardo21 dag siden

    3:20 He talking about jake Paul

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming21 dag siden


  • Lord Chad

    Lord Chad

    18 dager siden

    justin y

  • Jack Virus

    Jack Virus

    21 dag siden

    What are u doing here

  • Max Cj
    Max Cj21 dag siden

    When ksi bullies pewdie pie for using bandicam😂😂😂

  • computer account
    computer account21 dag siden

    Oh.. he installed bandicam February 2020...

  • computer account
    computer account21 dag siden

    This man has battle.net and it was made in 1996. Everyone expose him.

  • Azwad Sifat
    Azwad Sifat21 dag siden


  • Ardo Simps0on
    Ardo Simps0on22 dager siden

    1:00 Demetrius Johnson Tyson Fury John Jones Conor

  • Progamertv
    Progamertv22 dager siden

    You ain't beating jake if he beats ben askren

  • Jeric Rodriguez
    Jeric Rodriguez22 dager siden

    What video is the Ethan meme from?

  • J Flores
    J Flores22 dager siden

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GET HYPER

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz23 dager siden

    He made fun of pewdiepie and now look

  • Aayush Regmi
    Aayush Regmi24 dager siden

    JJ:35 is old Mike majlak : 😏😏😏

    DANIEL24 dager siden

    "I can't get away with anything!" Ahahah)

  • CrazyCSIW6
    CrazyCSIW627 dager siden

    Ah yes, the classic "exposed every 6 months" trick. Works every time

  • Tair Antonio
    Tair Antonio27 dager siden

    What is wrong wifh bandi cam

  • Lue’s life
    Lue’s life28 dager siden

    That durag is from Lurags.com

  • Zeus #
    Zeus #28 dager siden

    Ksi laughing to pewd for using bandicam....😂

  • Kim Jong-Un
    Kim Jong-Un29 dager siden


  • Scatter Shot
    Scatter ShotMåned siden

    4:00, One of the tings that JJ should have done right there and got over with it !!!

  • LLX Smoke
    LLX SmokeMåned siden

    7:23: MY HANDS ARE READY! *grabs cream*

  • Soufyan Ben jalef
    Soufyan Ben jalefMåned siden


  • Emem Christopher
    Emem ChristopherMåned siden

    Fam said kilode ‼️🤣

  • Manraj singh
    Manraj singhMåned siden

    12:21,i like how the xbox is just on

  • jh397
    jh397Måned siden

    Send reinforcements

  • jh397
    jh397Måned siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Marlon Rando
    Marlon RandoMåned siden

    Calfreezy: 👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄

  • Ochinsang Kichu
    Ochinsang KichuMåned siden


  • Kylan
    KylanMåned siden

    why does JJ have 2 videos both names i've been exposed

  • O W
    O WMåned siden

    5:43 but JJ keeps telling us that after he's done with the women they can barely walk 👀

  • SFP 33
    SFP 33Måned siden

    Not sure if it's just me, but bald tobi looks like Kevin Garnett

  • milk man
    milk manMåned siden

    Tobi looks like a black mega mind

  • windolitEGamer
    windolitEGamerMåned siden

    11:33 when you spam emotes in gta V

  • Capto /
    Capto /Måned siden

    1:30 my man huh jj

  • Nilima Das
    Nilima DasMåned siden

    Ksi broke the law by not getting hyper.

  • Sly Flix
    Sly FlixMåned siden

    What is bandicam

  • Elizabeth Dominguez
    Elizabeth DominguezMåned siden

    jj: MY HANDS ARE READY!!! everyone: ready for what????

  • zamvsu Tv
    zamvsu TvMåned siden

    get hyper

  • suparna bhattacharyya
    suparna bhattacharyyaMåned siden

    JJ - Pewds you still use bandicam?! ALSO JJ- Yes I use bandicam so what?!

  • علي الاحمري
    علي الاحمريMåned siden

    Its fine to use bandicam jj its work fine

  • علي الاحمري
    علي الاحمريMåned siden

    4:36 dude wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

  • AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken o.0
    AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken o.0Måned siden

    0:27 No ones gonna tell him that thats a girl ( the titan shifter)

  • drix


    Måned siden

    Yeah unless hes talking about zeke

  • mcboy 124
    mcboy 124Måned siden

    the baldmen

  • StoneyBruhMan
    StoneyBruhManMåned siden

    The video ended becouse he uninstalled bandicam and had nothing to record with

    BIG BOIMåned siden

    me: at the and of jj s vid jj: crys me: sigh

  • Ben Stockwell
    Ben StockwellMåned siden

    KSI:That’s low key racist...calls Simon an egg

    DRILLA MEDIAMåned siden

    Bezingha looks like Johnny sinns without hair

  • Cuched
    CuchedMåned siden

    Get hyper now

  • BlaDrager
    BlaDragerMåned siden

    Logan(before fight):Everyday vids Logan(after fight):soo what were I doing before?

  • Carter McKeithen
    Carter McKeithenMåned siden

    Fiat is a ford

  • Carter McKeithen

    Carter McKeithen

    Måned siden

    I’m stupid irl

  • Nariko Jordan
    Nariko JordanMåned siden

    Simon bald looks like Jeff bozos

  • UnmadePlenty
    UnmadePlentyMåned siden

    my mom is 99 years old and i am 11 years old lol

  • Brandon Arias
    Brandon AriasMåned siden

    Does anyone else not understand the bandi cam thing

  • Jackson Dias
    Jackson DiasMåned siden

    the sign language dude has to be capping. the Lamborghini one??? all love to him tho he is dope as hell

  • Anaxos
    AnaxosMåned siden

    bald simon kind on looks like saitama

  • ElmoGetsNoHead
    ElmoGetsNoHeadMåned siden

    Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

  • D-Max
    D-MaxMåned siden

    jj sitting at 5m per video. calm

  • William Spalding
    William SpaldingMåned siden

    That crossword one got me

  • subeck loro
    subeck loroMåned siden

    7:49 and ricegum

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua KimMåned siden

    12:28 JJ’s contagious laugh might be top ten most legendary things ever of humanity

  • shaker mahdi
    shaker mahdiMåned siden

    Best guy who makes vedios ln yt❤

  • AmberXbbunni
    AmberXbbunniMåned siden

    Toby bald looks like my dad gkoi5

  • Vimal Jagadis
    Vimal JagadisMåned siden

    bruh you downloaded it in 2020 😂😂😂

  • Sheva Azati
    Sheva AzatiMåned siden

    bro i just realize bald vikk looks like lewis hamilton

  • Clayton Dilts
    Clayton DiltsMåned siden

    sm1 make a meme of the wanker😂😂

  • reo ᴗ̈
    reo ᴗ̈Måned siden

    JJ: Great job guys!!! me who did nothing:

  • CS
    CSMåned siden

    Best part 13:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aaron Alasa
    Aaron AlasaMåned siden

    Activate Windows 10

  • klmntpranata
    klmntpranataMåned siden

    4:08 why

  • boi 100
    boi 100Måned siden

    Hopefully he gets hyper as a surprise some day

  • Bayley


    Måned siden

    Hopefully everyone shuts the fuck up about “get hyper” it’s boring. He doesn’t want to do it, just stop.

  • Gelite13
    Gelite13Måned siden

    You don’t want to look like dordoria

  • this is kal
    this is kalMåned siden

    imagine two deaf people arguing in sign language

  • Amiri Hoare
    Amiri HoareMåned siden

    Like for jj punking out to getting hyper

  • Erratic Atul
    Erratic AtulMåned siden

    You smile is like Kevin hart😂🤪