I fooled the entire lobby by being someone else


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  • Cara Penneck
    Cara PenneckDag siden

    I love it when you play Among Us man. We all do

  • phantomX 08
    phantomX 082 dager siden

    All I notice is *Activate Windows*

  • Digga D
    Digga D2 dager siden

    2:00 - 2:02 he was green how did he turn red

  • 0lli33 011
    0lli33 0114 dager siden

    Simon didnt get a link 😂😂

  • Tour Ponting
    Tour Ponting4 dager siden

    5:32 What are you doing jj?

  • General 71
    General 717 dager siden

    😂😂😂when jj wouldn't vote and ethan had to talk to the others I was dying.

  • Asmir Grozdanic
    Asmir Grozdanic7 dager siden

    You know what they ksi should do next, ethan and ksi using the opposite names again but they cheat so if behz (ksi) gets killed and someone reports it ksi could become a snitch and basically call out the person who killed and just say he saw on cams.

  • Drphillwilliams
    Drphillwilliams8 dager siden

    Imagine the old sidemen playing among us

  • NME 13
    NME 138 dager siden

    No description for simon

  • Lucy Forshaw
    Lucy Forshaw10 dager siden

    i swear he killed geen then it changed to red?????

  • KMpro
    KMpro10 dager siden

    7:04 "Let me vote Josh right now" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • barto barto
    barto barto11 dager siden

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  • Fionn Kelly
    Fionn Kelly11 dager siden

    If u like my pic giz a like on my comment cheers

  • RayManLengend
    RayManLengend12 dager siden

    2:00 body changed colour

  • beum
    beum13 dager siden

    Among us is only fun to watch now

  • LT Torok
    LT Torok13 dager siden

    If a black person is from England what are they called because if they are from America their African American and if their from England are they African Englishman

  • Eoghan gahan
    Eoghan gahan13 dager siden

    12 million already wow

  • MythicalTB
    MythicalTB14 dager siden

    1:55 "???" got so mad he went from green to red

  • lel teka
    lel teka14 dager siden

    people: inception is the most confusing thing ever me: Pulls out this video

  • Polly Dorner
    Polly Dorner16 dager siden

    Me and my brother did this to my cousin

  • DL Siko
    DL Siko16 dager siden

    Lets see how much subscribers i can gain from this comment currently (504)!

  • DL Siko
    DL Siko16 dager siden

    Lets see how much subscribers i can gain from this comment currently (504)!

  • Eric Skoglund
    Eric Skoglund16 dager siden

    PLzzzz Again

    SMILEY DUCK17 dager siden

    This is by far the best among us video I’ve seen need to make another

  • RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS
    RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS17 dager siden


  • Cara Penneck
    Cara Penneck17 dager siden

    Love this vid!!!!!❤

  • Hamzah
    Hamzah17 dager siden

    They even hinted it because while JJ was “BIG BEHZ” his colour was still brown, and while Ethan was “KSI” he was still red 😂

  • Noah Cabrera
    Noah Cabrera18 dager siden


  • Taylor Swann
    Taylor Swann18 dager siden

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  • Hibaq Mohamed
    Hibaq Mohamed19 dager siden


  • Danny Hansen
    Danny Hansen21 dag siden

    Straight up lynched that black man 11:30

  • Flynn Cameron
    Flynn Cameron21 dag siden

    didanyone take note that jj hasnt activated windows yrt look in the bottom right of the screen for the entire game

  • Neil F.S.
    Neil F.S.22 dager siden

    Had to rewatch this classic

  • sxpphire_donuts
    sxpphire_donuts22 dager siden

    “I want a link in the description for that one” “Oh yeah, yeah” *doesn’t put Simon in the description*

  • Sivert Ertsas
    Sivert Ertsas23 dager siden

    Jj sould do this again

  • Ruby Morley
    Ruby Morley26 dager siden

    JJ activate your windows 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    VOIDUS GAMING27 dager siden

    These days this would never work with proximity servers

  • Jordz •
    Jordz •28 dager siden


  • Joseph lowe
    Joseph lowe29 dager siden

    This video is jokes man 😹

  • Iclyne Elias
    Iclyne Elias29 dager siden

    JJ: No one has done this before Also JJ: Thank Simon for the idea

  • BoadieBlitz 2xy
    BoadieBlitz 2xy29 dager siden

    2:00 WTF

  • RDP Reddeadpunisher
    RDP ReddeadpunisherMåned siden

    4:24 man said " am I impostor" whilst his doing wires in admin

  • amber williams

    amber williams

    28 dager siden

    Guessing he meant his character

  • emma Kinney
    emma KinneyMåned siden

    When the emergency meetings happened, genius

  • ᆞjazeyuno
    ᆞjazeyunoMåned siden

    5:32 wyd jj

  • Naomi Bale
    Naomi BaleMåned siden

    I can't stop watching this

  • Joseph Bailey
    Joseph BaileyMåned siden

    At 2:00 KSI kills dark green, but then it changes colour to red?!?

  • btchslayer ._
    btchslayer ._Måned siden

    12:14 can we just acknowledge how shitty that technique is like wtf the killer is deadass in the stack just not stack killing lmfao

  • Animation Instinct
    Animation InstinctMåned siden

    2:00 how did green die like red?!

  • princers21 roblox
    princers21 robloxMåned siden

    I die the

  • william jaum
    william jaumMåned siden

    2:00 he's color is dark green and turned red?!?!!?!!??

  • Emil Hovhannisyan
    Emil HovhannisyanMåned siden

    are we just gonna ingore the fact that if someone killed jj being ethan he could say it with an emergency or just say its him like

  • cherished scents
    cherished scentsMåned siden

    13:22 can we talk about how behz character "jj" just disappeared when randy moved

  • Amreen Aziz
    Amreen AzizMåned siden

    2:01 did anyone see the green body that JJ killed turn green??

  • Chriz2Waveyy
    Chriz2WaveyyMåned siden

    Do this more!

  • Ginginho 99
    Ginginho 99Måned siden

    Half the people playing have "big" in their name

  • Daniyal Ansar
    Daniyal AnsarMåned siden

    6:28 that eye roll though got me crying

  • Ketior
    KetiorMåned siden

    13:23 anyone notice on the left as soon as randy starts walking ksi disappears

  • Michael simpson
    Michael simpsonMåned siden

    Why is miniminter called vikkstar?

  • The Norwaymaster
    The NorwaymasterMåned siden

    Ksi got 11 million subs and still can't activate windows

  • Anjellike1
    Anjellike1Måned siden

    This was amazingly confused lol

  • Maison Vince
    Maison VinceMåned siden

    Simon didn’t get a link in description

  • Tonga Kautama
    Tonga KautamaMåned siden

    on 1:57 JJ or should I say "BIG BEHZ" killed "???" his body turned red but it was green when JJ walked straight at him to kill him

  • Kai Newham
    Kai NewhamMåned siden

    Has anyone started to get don’t play adverts with Anne-Marie KSI and digital farm animals

  • Akash Ramanathan
    Akash RamanathanMåned siden

    it took me forever to realise simon was pretending to be vik

  • R S K
    R S KMåned siden

    Simon didn’t get his link

  • London is Blue
    London is BlueMåned siden

    JJ: "Ethan gets away with it but I dont. That right there is racism. its jks btw

  • Fabian Gonzales
    Fabian GonzalesMåned siden

    How do people hate when they play among us? It’s so entertaining watching them😂

  • OJLGames
    OJLGamesMåned siden

    What is this music mid way through

  • Paulina K
    Paulina KMåned siden

    Milk is being suspected to be the imposter JJ: I need to kill milk

  • tess morales
    tess moralesMåned siden

    7:50 - 7:52 what is his arm doing 🤨? Looks a bit sus to me.

  • Ameer Haider Nawab Khan
    Ameer Haider Nawab KhanMåned siden

    1:59 what was that, his color changed but how

  • Alana Rogers
    Alana RogersMåned siden

    Just i do like you playing among us

  • Morgan Isaacs
    Morgan IsaacsMåned siden

    love that background music at the start

  • Xoie Veck
    Xoie VeckMåned siden

    HAHAHAHAHAH I did this with my friend and it was JOKES

  • Juicy Uce
    Juicy UceMåned siden

    2:00 anybody else see that???

  • Sunset Stars
    Sunset StarsMåned siden

    1:58 was i the only one who saw green then red??

  • Dark _lol
    Dark _lolMåned siden

    6:45 why is no one talking about this lol

  • DL Siko

    DL Siko

    11 dager siden

    @Cristiano Da Silva your turning itno the dead body logan filmed

  • Cristiano Da Silva

    Cristiano Da Silva

    11 dager siden

    Outcast Siko stop trying to get clout, ur turning into jake Paul

  • DL Siko

    DL Siko

    16 dager siden

    Lets see how much subscribers i can gain from this comment currently (504)!

  • Idioy Johnathon

    Idioy Johnathon

    24 dager siden

    Who'd be this, boss man ski (KSI) ahh interesting

  • Lucas Russell

    Lucas Russell

    Måned siden

    @einar hodneland daae who be dis big sigog

  • Nqoor
    NqoorMåned siden

    Didn't link Simon :(

  • Pablo Lloyd
    Pablo LloydMåned siden

    funniest shit ever

  • Harrison Brennan
    Harrison BrennanMåned siden

    Kinda sus jj 7:49

  • Isabel Rowbotham
    Isabel RowbothamMåned siden

    at 2:00 the colour of the body changed from green to red did anyone else see that 😂❤️

  • Motivational Lizard
    Motivational LizardMåned siden

    Don’t listen to the people who don’t like among us content, they don’t like the game, keep making it please it’s great!!

  • heartjaemin
    heartjaeminMåned siden

    Why does JJ play so well when he's not being serious..?

    THE D CHANNELMåned siden

    Ksi's laugh is contagious, you must laugh when he laughs

  • Barak Gok
    Barak GokMåned siden

    2:01 the skin was green to red

  • Never
    NeverMåned siden

    Where’s simons link?

  • RossMurrayFam
    RossMurrayFamMåned siden

    I found it in cafeteria lmao

  • Wavyy
    WavyyMåned siden

    Matthew 3:2.

  • Wavyy
    WavyyMåned siden

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.

  • BRgaming
    BRgamingMåned siden

    Did anyone notice how the kill at 2:03 changed colors

  • Oscarebrown10
    Oscarebrown10Måned siden

    Look at the space and that whoo He's high

  • BRK Gaming
    BRK GamingMåned siden

    Plot twist all the sidemen are switched

  • Jaime Heath
    Jaime HeathMåned siden

    JJ at the beginning of the video: Yo wassup it u bo jnefsdhjnkdashkjn,deckm,sckhjn, mdscx

  • BoiX 222
    BoiX 222Måned siden

    5:32 did anyone see this 😂😂

  • Just Sweezy
    Just SweezyMåned siden

    I feel sad for those people trying to be first in the comments😂

  • Lina
    LinaMåned siden

    did any one noticed how jj killed green and the body turned red at 1:59 ?

  • Hashir Jamal
    Hashir JamalMåned siden

    At 2:00 jj goes too kill ??? But then the body turn from green to red (wtf)

  • Omar
    OmarMåned siden

    hey jj, i just wanted to tell you that you offended me soo fucking much cuz u said that old people are the people who struggle to walk and i just broke a knee and im a fucking 14 y/o

  • Luc6 luc6

    Luc6 luc6

    Måned siden

    Lol, you ain't 14, now you're 41

  • Serena S
    Serena SMåned siden


  • MsComedy


    Måned siden


  • Awa Jammeh
    Awa JammehMåned siden

    Did anyone notice that at 1:59 lime changed to red when JJ killed him/her 😱😳