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  • Xct8
    Xct82 minutter siden

    11:20 what's the time stamp in the tinder vid?

  • Albert Manktelow
    Albert Manktelow40 minutter siden

    Lord Fatneek 😂

    HAWLAILATime siden

    Allah is lord.

  • Cameron Slade
    Cameron SladeTime siden

    The best we can do is Lord Fatneek. Take it or leave it.

  • Jay B
    Jay BTime siden

    Mike tyson was 20 not 18

  • Hadi Randhawa
    Hadi Randhawa2 timer siden

    Man said valentimes instead of valentines

  • DarzyPlays
    DarzyPlays2 timer siden

    Been a lord since birth my g !!!!

  • AbRaX
    AbRaX2 timer siden

    Lord Fatnick

  • A Beewaz
    A Beewaz3 timer siden

    Lord Cant Grow a Beard " My Lordship 🙌

  • C M
    C M3 timer siden

    ME:- Lord KSI 16yr kid:- Ay yo fat nik , go hyper !

  • Ethxn YT
    Ethxn YT3 timer siden

    Sorry lord jj olatunji

  • Im a Weeb with no Life
    Im a Weeb with no Life5 timer siden

    Lord fat neek

  • Usayd Dhorat
    Usayd Dhorat6 timer siden

    Like if you’ve seen ksi’s girl

  • Tyron Tassone
    Tyron Tassone6 timer siden

    oh lord that intro was cringe

  • Killa YT
    Killa YT6 timer siden

    Dude likes to flex but does he ever wear a tight shirt

  • Caliel Kennedy
    Caliel Kennedy7 timer siden

    Lord CSI and also that mems we can make

  • Sawyer Cascone
    Sawyer Cascone7 timer siden

    The psychedelic toe thoracically blot because slope metrically wander following a silky canadian. nippy, jittery work

  • time tell no lies
    time tell no lies7 timer siden

    lord fat nekt

  • SF Angelo
    SF Angelo7 timer siden

    First Nigerian lord 😂

  • Rikaashi Editz
    Rikaashi Editz7 timer siden


  • Genital WarThunder
    Genital WarThunder7 timer siden

    Lord Fatneek

  • Yolodave 19
    Yolodave 198 timer siden

    LORN NE- jj i meant to say jj

  • Akil Wadud
    Akil Wadud8 timer siden


    FXB -WHISPER8 timer siden


  • Tejesh Manyam
    Tejesh Manyam9 timer siden

    Came here to write Lord Fatneek, but everyone else already said it

  • Daniel Helsabeck
    Daniel Helsabeck10 timer siden

    Lord fatneek

  • Liquid Flame
    Liquid Flame10 timer siden

    "look at that it's...kinda big leave me alone man"🤣

  • R1sk
    R1sk10 timer siden

    Yo watching JJ while zooted is a madness, I can't lie.

  • venombyte
    venombyte11 timer siden

    put is as JJ The Lord Olatunji

  • Yusuf Abdeljaber
    Yusuf Abdeljaber11 timer siden

    King habibi lord #1 brotha JJ

  • h h
    h h11 timer siden

    Bro why arent you trainin

  • Wavy King
    Wavy King12 timer siden


  • Spirit Saiyan

    Spirit Saiyan

    4 timer siden


  • YBA-Skills


    11 timer siden


  • TikTok_ Mashup
    TikTok_ Mashup12 timer siden

    NOlocal: *strikes jj* NOlocal: *unstrikes* KSI: DoNt PlAy GaMeS 2x wItH mY hEart oUwEeE

  • tolexander7 7
    tolexander7 712 timer siden

    WaGwAn My GeEeEeEeEsSsSsS

    JAIKS12 timer siden

    This dude is fucking weird 😂😂

  • Just Tønder
    Just Tønder12 timer siden

    "Go up to a girl and tell her you are KSI".. Sir.. Please look at me.. No.. Just no.. x'D

  • Skari _
    Skari _12 timer siden

    lord FATNEEK

  • Brock Bartle
    Brock Bartle13 timer siden

    If he bought a lordship, or “land in Scotland, etc” it holds no legal status to your name.

  • Mahamed Aden
    Mahamed Aden13 timer siden

    check out the captions at 9:17 - 9:18 MO THE LEGEND IS BACK!!!!

  • smurfxvi
    smurfxvi13 timer siden

    Lord Ksi

  • Nayem uddin
    Nayem uddin13 timer siden

    "LORD Ksi"

  • Ishel Naeem
    Ishel Naeem13 timer siden

    15:54 Lord Fatneek!

  • Leo Tokarev
    Leo Tokarev13 timer siden


  • FaZe shoosh Schmuck
    FaZe shoosh Schmuck13 timer siden

    I bow down to you LORD KSI

  • Britney C
    Britney C13 timer siden


  • Yazwha
    Yazwha14 timer siden

    nah just joking

  • Yazwha
    Yazwha14 timer siden


  • Yazwha
    Yazwha14 timer siden


  • Remy
    Remy14 timer siden

    4.20 million veiws, nice

  • Yazwha
    Yazwha14 timer siden


  • Ehabe Yazbak
    Ehabe Yazbak14 timer siden

    NO ;-;

  • Bobb Panda
    Bobb Panda15 timer siden

    The loooooord

  • GoldTGN
    GoldTGN15 timer siden

    It feels wrong that we bully a lord

  • Bethany Edwards
    Bethany Edwards15 timer siden

    JJ Olordtunji

  • Harry White
    Harry White16 timer siden

    why is jj isn't posting

  • TheIronWolfPack


    14 timer siden

    @fierce dragon lol nah XD

  • fierce dragon

    fierce dragon

    15 timer siden

    His channel got banned

  • TheIronWolfPack


    16 timer siden

    He posts every week...and that is wrong grammar...

  • Ambrose Scholtz
    Ambrose Scholtz16 timer siden

    Brooo postt

  • Hadden Jude
    Hadden Jude16 timer siden

    Hmm, Come on man. Post :(

  • Cozy Pubgm
    Cozy Pubgm16 timer siden

    Where tf are you at bro, im waiting.

  • Cozy Pubgm

    Cozy Pubgm

    15 timer siden

    @Vital Games chill bruh, i just like his content. Nun to get all mad abt tf, ill just delete the comment

  • Cozy Pubgm

    Cozy Pubgm

    15 timer siden

    @Vital Games didnt hear nun

  • Vital Games

    Vital Games

    16 timer siden

    Have u not heard about what happened on Twitter give him a break bro he's been working his ass off none stop

  • Vital Games

    Vital Games

    16 timer siden

    Give him a break man

  • Alex pen
    Alex pen16 timer siden

    POV: You came here because jj hasn't uploaded in almost 2 weeks

  • Anil Aksu
    Anil Aksu16 timer siden


  • Hassan Haider
    Hassan Haider16 timer siden

    please no.

  • BayernFan and LiverpoolFan
    BayernFan and LiverpoolFan16 timer siden

    Why did Liam include Christmas Day incident in 2018

  • Harry Martinez
    Harry Martinez16 timer siden

    Us waiting for this far neek to upload

  • RemyRose
    RemyRose16 timer siden

    Do you and s-x still work together?

  • HIM3D
    HIM3D16 timer siden

    *Of course my lord*

  • Kloakk
    Kloakk16 timer siden

    god hes so unfunny, he doesnt understand how to make a joke with an actual pay off

  • Tyler
    Tyler17 timer siden

    @10:53 “plain site” is this a typo or was your gf really in a sideman tinder wtf

  • Pydrow
    Pydrow17 timer siden

    Yes JJ

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag Singh17 timer siden

    After roasted by his own subreddit for too many years, Ksi: Myself disappointment is immeasurable

  • K1
    K117 timer siden

    Me still waiting for a new video after 2 weeks 👀

  • Random Brandon

    Random Brandon

    17 timer siden

    He's banned from posting for a week

  • Keshav Arvind
    Keshav Arvind17 timer siden

    where the fuck is the video

  • Strong_-chunges6 S.C.
    Strong_-chunges6 S.C.17 timer siden

    When’s he gonna upload again

  • Mohammed Ehsan
    Mohammed Ehsan17 timer siden

    Why has he not uploaded?

  • Bane
    Bane18 timer siden

    Who is waiting for a new video, lol

  • Nima Dlaes

    Nima Dlaes

    17 timer siden

    Me 😭😭😂😂it feels like it's been forever since he uploaded and it's only been half a week

  • Bane


    18 timer siden

    He got strikes idiot

  • George Dalou
    George Dalou18 timer siden

    POV: You're here to see how the other G's are copping.

  • Riley Mac
    Riley Mac18 timer siden

    Lord fatneek 👑

  • King Redda
    King Redda18 timer siden


  • King Redda
    King Redda18 timer siden

    Ooo he finna kill me for this

  • CloudyxGang
    CloudyxGang18 timer siden

    POV: your coming here because he still hasn’t uploaded...

  • Hello I’m bored

    Hello I’m bored

    9 timer siden

    Wait no more for he has uploaded

  • Nima Dlaes

    Nima Dlaes

    17 timer siden

    Yes yes I am

  • eyeam_bee
    eyeam_bee18 timer siden

    Jj where the fuck are you we need another vid I’m being consumed my depression

  • Amer
    Amer18 timer siden


  • Tactical Demon
    Tactical Demon18 timer siden

    I find myself coming back here everyday, wondering, contemplating...

    SHEHRYAR FARRUKH18 timer siden


  • Harvey Maughan
    Harvey Maughan18 timer siden

    Man advertised his gfuel even though its out of stock since 21st

  • Cohen Davis
    Cohen Davis19 timer siden

    Exited to see you at leeds lad

  • Michael Brady
    Michael Brady19 timer siden

    Tick tock my g tick tock ⏰

  • Michael Brady
    Michael Brady19 timer siden

    Ayo fam we waiting

  • Bilal Rizwan Jabri
    Bilal Rizwan Jabri19 timer siden

    post already wtf

  • Eian Peng

    Eian Peng

    19 timer siden

    He can’t he got striked

  • victoria simister
    victoria simister20 timer siden

    My friend is a hippo

  • Living life
    Living life20 timer siden


  • Benn Jordan
    Benn Jordan20 timer siden


  • Thato Mofokeng

    Thato Mofokeng

    19 timer siden

    @Eian Peng from what

  • Eian Peng

    Eian Peng

    20 timer siden

    He can’t he got a strike

  • 5ANA
    5ANA20 timer siden

    “I’m consistent”

  • xlr8charlie


    18 timer siden

    @5ANA he uploaded a video but it got copyright strike and it was removed and he can’t upload for a week, other people have been saying it so it might not be entirely correct but I would presume jj tweeted about it or something

  • 5ANA


    18 timer siden

    @xlr8charlie dang how’d you find out

  • xlr8charlie


    19 timer siden

    @Sully Beauty4 Amado he got a strike apparently

  • Sully Beauty4 Amado

    Sully Beauty4 Amado

    19 timer siden

    @Eian Peng why

  • Eian Peng

    Eian Peng

    20 timer siden

    He can’t upload

  • Madman Geddy
    Madman Geddy20 timer siden

    How does JJ not know african language if he half african.

  • -Josh4835-
    -Josh4835-20 timer siden


  • Mason Grieco
    Mason Grieco20 timer siden

    So we are all re watching his stuff because he hasn't posted?

  • Mason Grieco

    Mason Grieco

    17 timer siden

    @Ice Bear yeah I heard man

  • Ice Bear

    Ice Bear

    18 timer siden

    he got striked by youtube cant post

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia21 time siden

    It’s been a week and JJ has not posted

  • Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia

    21 time siden

    Oof okay thanks

  • funny man

    funny man

    21 time siden

    He posted but that video but got copyright claim and he can't post for a week

  • Zamasu
    Zamasu21 time siden

    We will call you lord ksi if you play all of little nightmares 2

  • Witchy1423
    Witchy142321 time siden

    JJ can u pls just go and beat up jake Paul totally irrelevant but I’m pretty sure all of us want to see it

  • Liebe
    Liebe21 time siden

    Attack on titan NOlocalr edition

    MEISTERR R21 time siden

    Lord jj