Among Us Gone Wrong


New song with Anne Marie & DFA -


  • Hekkeboiii a
    Hekkeboiii a2 timer siden

    More among us videos

  • Hekkeboiii a
    Hekkeboiii a2 timer siden

    Ksi is Good at Among us

  • Tom
    Tom12 timer siden


  • Brooklyn Parker
    Brooklyn ParkerDag siden

    Like if he should play mepcity in roblox ahahahahah

  • Chocolate Dweeb
    Chocolate DweebDag siden

    OH cool they have that time of mod now like phasmophobia idk what it was called 😂

  • Harvey's Mountain life
    Harvey's Mountain life2 dager siden

    Is it only me or I want baboon tunda to play amoung us

  • Abdul Vahid
    Abdul Vahid2 dager siden

    you sack

  • Gavin Houlis
    Gavin Houlis4 dager siden

    Love ksi

  • Zaire Payne
    Zaire Payne4 dager siden

    It should be ksi gaming

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master5 dager siden

    8:06. Me when mom says I can have chicken nuggies

  • Sil3ntGuy
    Sil3ntGuy7 dager siden

    8:05 Cringe moment

  • General 71
    General 717 dager siden

    8:06 that face is giving me nightmares

  • General 71
    General 717 dager siden

    Cal: "I'm the imposter, I'm gonna go kill someone but don't tell anyone" Also Cal: *dies*

  • Heyker Estrada
    Heyker Estrada7 dager siden


  • Dragon Wrath
    Dragon Wrath8 dager siden

    “ASTAGHFIRULAAH” I’m Muslim and know what that means lol

  • H2O Frog
    H2O Frog10 dager siden


  • Jacob Yates
    Jacob Yates10 dager siden

    JJ every single round no matter what: His goal: I need to get voted off and be sus

  • lil Paulers
    lil Paulers10 dager siden


  • Warshukify
    Warshukify11 dager siden

    Shitpost status

  • Tanner Aguilar
    Tanner Aguilar11 dager siden

    Mom: why don’t you play with the neighbors kids. The kid: 8:05

  • Alina Vasile
    Alina Vasile11 dager siden

    man i’m a Gamer to

  • Jerrydabst
    Jerrydabst12 dager siden

    That face he did on 8:06 😂😂😂😂

  • Bob Bryson
    Bob Bryson12 dager siden

    1v1 in among us

  • Veluta
    Veluta13 dager siden

    7:43 LMFAO

  • nott_lucky
    nott_lucky13 dager siden

    My dream today was that I was running from you and you had a axe in your hand and you said plaatmin

  • Marwan Zebian
    Marwan Zebian14 dager siden

    I swear jj doesnt know how to vent

  • beeg Yoshi
    beeg Yoshi14 dager siden

    MAD SUS!

  • Angel Princess
    Angel Princess14 dager siden

    "Double Kill...Oh shit" 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

  • Lucas Dunn
    Lucas Dunn15 dager siden

    He was moving mad

  • Hannah Chester Boland
    Hannah Chester Boland17 dager siden

    'When i start making my noises' i acc can't with u jj😂😂😂😂😂

  • Josh Harvey

    Josh Harvey

    16 dager siden

    why did simon say make sure the code is covered up at the start

  • Hope Kayl
    Hope Kayl18 dager siden

    You should react to get a new hobby fail army

  • Josh Harvey

    Josh Harvey

    16 dager siden

    why did simon say make sure the code is covered up at the start

  • water
    water20 dager siden


  • Yung Pepe
    Yung Pepe21 dag siden

    8:27 😂

  • Eric Middelbosch
    Eric Middelbosch21 dag siden

    4:35 Is this what he calls "mature"

  • Megan Piper
    Megan Piper21 dag siden

    8:06 😂😭

  • avia tabib
    avia tabib21 dag siden

    I love tommy🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Where's the free food
    Where's the free food22 dager siden

    8:05 POV: your my nephew at New Year’s Eve

  • ابن بلاد الشام
    ابن بلاد الشام22 dager siden

    Astaghfir Allah = forgiveness of Allah🤲 . ( in repentance and seek His forgiveness? And Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.)

  • Jeffy
    Jeffy22 dager siden

    0:54 earrape

  • Laura Ogbonna
    Laura Ogbonna23 dager siden

    my volume went \ \

  • Koena Mohlaoli
    Koena Mohlaoli23 dager siden

    08:05 JJ as DBZ villain

  • Ali Alidrissi
    Ali Alidrissi24 dager siden

    does ksi stream?

  • Comic


    22 dager siden


  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta26 dager siden

    5:11 Mom, I swear it’s not what it sounds like

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta26 dager siden

    JJ legit sounds more sus when he’s not the impostor

  • Bluebanana 717
    Bluebanana 71726 dager siden


  • Dansrey Albertus
    Dansrey Albertus27 dager siden

    When my parents see my report card 4:00

  • Jeffy
    Jeffy27 dager siden

    I hate callux everyone takes it as a joke and callux takes the game seriously

  • Akneehow
    Akneehow28 dager siden

    Double kill milk?

  • Mohammad Ali Raja
    Mohammad Ali Raja28 dager siden

    7:45 Di anyone else here JJ say Astagfiruallah Only muslim will know what I mean

  • BloxyElixqR
    BloxyElixqR28 dager siden

    At least Simon knows when to vote

  • Laibah Farooq Year 7
    Laibah Farooq Year 728 dager siden

    please respond to Jake's tweet are you going to fight or no. i mean Ur going to win anyways

  • Comic


    22 dager siden

    Dude there’s a fucking pandemic for fuck sake

  • Krsnadasa Fernandez
    Krsnadasa Fernandez29 dager siden

    How do you set it up so you can only hear people in meetings and when close to each other?

  • Ava’s World
    Ava’s World29 dager siden

    Do you have tt

  • KingNoah
    KingNoahMåned siden

    More among us

    FINLAY ROBBMåned siden

    at the start of this video Simon said i am running away from JJ but who wouldent run awayt from a fat basterd

  • S06P Scale
    S06P ScaleMåned siden

    This lobby... 🤣

  • Angela SmitaAshkohossainR'
    Angela SmitaAshkohossainR'Måned siden

    The pumped journey disturbingly cry because example laterally try following a truthful mallet. hospitable, uncovered teller

  • Frosty Saif
    Frosty SaifMåned siden

    Me playing among us Then getting voted by everyone ME: 7:43

  • Me Squad
    Me SquadMåned siden

    9:50 @Me Sqwad @Tommyinnit @KSI @Filipino casitino Read More

  • Me Squad

    Me Squad

    Måned siden

    Yeah boys Read More

  • JayWasTaken
    JayWasTakenMåned siden

    Lol they do be always voting jj since he has the most subs. Jealous much lmao

  • A M
    A MMåned siden

    So many shameless fucking plugs

  • A M

    A M

    Måned siden

  • yes stuck in quarantine
    yes stuck in quarantineMåned siden

    Let's check among us monthly listeners

  • Jeffy
    JeffyMåned siden

    Uh uh uhhhhhhh uuuuuuuhhhh uh ye baby uh huh UHHHHHHHH then pushing the meeting loooooool

  • Skittle
    SkittleMåned siden


  • Og_EpicGamer4
    Og_EpicGamer4Måned siden

    I could have lived ok without hearing those noises

  • playboyjrmafia902
    playboyjrmafia902Måned siden

    funniest video fkn ever

  • FIFA God
    FIFA GodMåned siden

  • A M

    A M

    Måned siden

    Shameless plug

  • Eren Cantay
    Eren CantayMåned siden


  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠
    ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠Måned siden

    Hey, go watch Ali Dawah's video about you.

  • EpikMurk
    EpikMurkMåned siden


  • Ibrahim Sabri
    Ibrahim SabriMåned siden

    This is not vikkstar channel So why do indian ads appear to me in JJs video Is it cus vikkstar is playing

  • Aiman Coverss
    Aiman CoverssMåned siden

    jj literally burst out laugh for 0.2 second and they caught it

  • Madit Akoi
    Madit AkoiMåned siden

    Randy:I’m eating some spicy nuts everyone: ah yooooo you moving mad sus

  • scott clark
    scott clarkMåned siden

    JJ breathes everyone else ITS JJ !

  • Taysia Adams
    Taysia AdamsMåned siden

    pc world lol

  • akshay damle
    akshay damleMåned siden


  • Abigail Deaay
    Abigail DeaayMåned siden

    You should do hide and seek among us

  • KoLiOS
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  • NewGen
    NewGenMåned siden

    8:05 When the imposter is sus

  • Queen AKA Gaming
    Queen AKA GamingMåned siden

    make a video were Babatunday is playing among us pls

  • Ray Day
    Ray DayMåned siden

    0:27 IMPOSTER

  • akaisha XO
    akaisha XOMåned siden

    can you do a video were Babatunday plays among us

  • SOrted
    SOrtedMåned siden

    omg jj you twat i had my volume on 43 on my tv

  • Martin Cervantes
    Martin CervantesMåned siden

    Ksi laugh annoying af

  • Aisha Sebe

    Aisha Sebe

    Måned siden

    Ksi laugh funny af

  • ElmoGetsNoHead
    ElmoGetsNoHeadMåned siden

    Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

  • Let's Not
    Let's NotMåned siden

    Vikk and Josh are too funny 😂😂

  • shaker mahdi
    shaker mahdiMåned siden

    You cure ma Borden, love ya ksi❤

  • Montakim Mohammed Abdul
    Montakim Mohammed AbdulMåned siden

    Ksi...activate....your....flipping... Windows 10......

  • MrDuckKing
    MrDuckKingMåned siden

    can jj survive more than 5 seconds each among us round

  • A.Gaming
    A.GamingMåned siden

    8:23 ahahaha

  • KILLER 999
    KILLER 999Måned siden

    I am poor help me guys !!

  • Live Game Network
    Live Game NetworkMåned siden

    JJ why are so good and bad in among us ?

  • Shooter Du
    Shooter DuMåned siden

    How can amoung us go wrong come on jj 😂

  • Duh.Crystal
    Duh.CrystalMåned siden

    3:58 im dying laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • ايمبا
    ايمباMåned siden

    مافيك خير تكون مسلم

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    Måned siden

    مو مسلم.

  • ايمبا
    ايمباMåned siden

    كل تبن

  • Rize Hawkz
    Rize HawkzMåned siden

    Just gonna leave this here 8:26

  • Salsa Sosa
    Salsa SosaMåned siden

    Good video KSI

  • Salsa Sosa
    Salsa SosaMåned siden

    Amongus is amazing

  • Vid
    VidMåned siden

    Of course ksi doesn’t have enough iq to realise vikk saved his ass when he killed at the start of the vid. Vikk said body was in upper engine when it was actually in reactor. Like so he can see.

  • Gaïa


    Måned siden

    bruh you think he cares once he finished games. You take this so seriously it's insane

  • Kassett


    Måned siden