• Zedman16_12
    Zedman16_128 timer siden

    Who wants to see KSI‘s reaction to the Mayweather and Logan Paul press conference with Jake Paul in it like so he sees this I want to know what he thinks

  • Ayad Alazzawi
    Ayad Alazzawi8 timer siden

    Actually the mirror won

  • Jack Friedrich
    Jack Friedrich8 timer siden

    8:34 this is the same guy running for London Mayor

  • Md shana ulla
    Md shana ulla8 timer siden

    8:52 dont cry ksi

  • Redguard Overall
    Redguard Overall8 timer siden

    Now I understand why KSI started bullying Vik years later

  • John Bazham
    John Bazham8 timer siden

    when he realised most of his fan based are weirdos

  • Ziad Amr
    Ziad Amr8 timer siden

    The guy in the first should sign up for voice trolling my guy would nail it

  • Bruce Shawcross III
    Bruce Shawcross III8 timer siden

    Ages is just a number

  • RayanVlogs
    RayanVlogs8 timer siden

    0:34 I’m sure he meant 2022😂😂

  • Big man Kev
    Big man Kev8 timer siden

    Ksi makes me wanna say the n word in the deaf neighborhood

  • Rizel
    Rizel8 timer siden


  • dhainlupet abordo
    dhainlupet abordo8 timer siden


    T3DDYCOR38 timer siden

    hes 1 punch man or dragon ball z guy

  • octrain
    octrain8 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain8 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain8 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain8 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain8 timer siden


  • octrain
    octrain8 timer siden


  • EXport Gaming
    EXport Gaming8 timer siden

    Tommy is literally 1 inch higher than you...

  • Chizzy & Michael
    Chizzy & Michael8 timer siden

    Hey JJ...I just love your style so much...your a role model to me

  • True Gaming
    True Gaming8 timer siden

    Me when i get an f on a test but i studied all night 12:40

  • Charlie Sprott
    Charlie Sprott8 timer siden


  • Tvoine
    Tvoine8 timer siden

    Dying of laughter

  • Jay Maagad
    Jay Maagad8 timer siden

    14:04 wtf? Hahaha

  • Phoenix Milburn
    Phoenix Milburn8 timer siden


  • Phoenix Milburn
    Phoenix Milburn8 timer siden


  • Phoenix Milburn
    Phoenix Milburn8 timer siden


  • Dylan Logan
    Dylan Logan8 timer siden

    That mirror looks like it got attacked by a bear lmao

  • Kevin Gs WK
    Kevin Gs WK8 timer siden

    16:14 When ksi saw Juan Premium

  • H
    H8 timer siden

    "I always advocate people losing weight" - Fatneek 🤣

  • Vanica Zogratis
    Vanica Zogratis8 timer siden

    LoGaNg: hE DiDn'T ChEcK SpOtIFy

  • Simple WRLD
    Simple WRLD8 timer siden

    Who else is waiting. For ksi to react to Jake paul getting beat up

  • Vanica Zogratis
    Vanica Zogratis8 timer siden


  • Gabriel Melaku
    Gabriel Melaku8 timer siden

    “I’m soy” .. I am, I am. lmao

  • Vanica Zogratis
    Vanica Zogratis8 timer siden


  • Jade Marshall
    Jade Marshall8 timer siden

    Bro I’m listening to this at 3am wtf did not expect it to be so loud😂😂😂😂

  • Emmit Sansone
    Emmit Sansone8 timer siden

    Can’t wait

  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores8 timer siden

    Dude 😏

  • Jonathan Calle
    Jonathan Calle8 timer siden

    Yo ksi, I wanna 1v1 you on dragon ball legends. If you say no, then your a Jake Paul fan

  • The Krumpes
    The Krumpes8 timer siden

    Hey kids

  • Dgangsta
    Dgangsta8 timer siden


  • Dgangsta
    Dgangsta8 timer siden


  • Levitate
    Levitate8 timer siden

    when he pulls the lever down instead of up

  • H
    H8 timer siden

    0:36 he said he's performing at Wembley on FEB 25th 2021??

  • Ali Al Mousawi
    Ali Al Mousawi9 timer siden

    Im sorry but 31 degrees? *laughs in middle eastern 50 degrees weather*

  • Idaho Mountain Outdoors
    Idaho Mountain Outdoors9 timer siden

    9:16 MrBro and a highschool bathroom had a baby

  • ShadowTRN
    ShadowTRN9 timer siden

    I can’t believe this fight is happening 🤣

  • no
    no9 timer siden

    JJ might not be the best impostor, but he sure is a dependable crewmate

  • The forgotten Noob
    The forgotten Noob9 timer siden

    Rip El risitas

  • Idaho Mountain Outdoors
    Idaho Mountain Outdoors9 timer siden

    ksi's beard look like if i put to much pepper on my eggs

  • Will Paris
    Will Paris9 timer siden


  • FearTheFlipper
    FearTheFlipper9 timer siden

    Is no one going to talk about jjs form

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith9 timer siden

    How can you hate ksi

  • Avatar Roku
    Avatar Roku9 timer siden

    8:42 that Mega Sus forehead tho

  • Martin Tarango
    Martin Tarango9 timer siden

    6:24 another hand has finger added

  • madshymax
    madshymax9 timer siden


  • Isnipe4 Fun
    Isnipe4 Fun9 timer siden

    Let’s be real here.Jake Paul cannot talk about music.It’s everyday bro had more dislikes than likes and Most of jake Paul’s fans are 9 year olds soooo

  • FeRn
    FeRn9 timer siden

    Still can’t believe JJ is a weeb 😂

  • Aura _
    Aura _9 timer siden

    1.30 put that in 0.5x speed and it’s looks so wrong holy shit

  • cameron jam
    cameron jam9 timer siden

    ME: waiting for JJ to react to Jake paul taking Floyd mayweather Hat

  • Marc’s Channel
    Marc’s Channel9 timer siden

    6:48 I love how he tried to play off the fact that he nearly fell off, just look at his face 🤣🤣🤣

  • MajinAngel777
    MajinAngel7779 timer siden

    yo ik that cd guy from the tiktok hes always there

  • notsilent
    notsilent9 timer siden

    is it just me or his red dreads were is his worst type of dreads?

  • Tufu 90
    Tufu 909 timer siden

    Who here knows what foccatia is

  • ABI akaAnonymous360gamer 77
    ABI akaAnonymous360gamer 779 timer siden

    Your bgm is a fucking shit

    O_O TAKUNIVERSE9 timer siden

    Jakepaul almost gets knocked out by Floyd's bodyguard I'm never gonna watch a jakepaul fight now I know it's all rigged

  • E.N.D Natsu Dragneel
    E.N.D Natsu Dragneel9 timer siden


  • KingxPerseus
    KingxPerseus9 timer siden

    I hope JJ makes a reaction video on mayweather and jake lma0

  • Zoroaste
    Zoroaste9 timer siden

    He wrote it with his one friend. The guy he hired to write for him. 😆

  • Deadhead 9351
    Deadhead 93519 timer siden

    Something will be wrong with the universe if logan wins mayweather has 27 ko's

    THE NEW GAME TV9 timer siden

    Stupid Paul Brothers!

  • Fracture
    Fracture9 timer siden

    Fuckin cancel culture keeping Jj from being himself

  • Jacob Maxwell
    Jacob Maxwell9 timer siden

    I laughed 🤣🤣

  • Calster
    Calster9 timer siden

    5'9" is average

  • let's vision
    let's vision9 timer siden

    You should try career mode

  • 7amood 22
    7amood 229 timer siden

    Don't worry jj sjmon is older than you and he doesn't have a beard either

  • Kamikaze
    Kamikaze9 timer siden

    I completely forgot this happened

  • Joseph Castro
    Joseph Castro9 timer siden

    JJ: When I “WAS” fat. Me: Mhm “was” sure.

  • Waliullah Mahar
    Waliullah Mahar9 timer siden

    Who is the girl at 9:16 ?